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  • Full-sized, full featured radios are most popular with professional drivers 
  • Fiberglass antennas are popular and cost efficient, while center load antennas offer further reach
  • Dual antenna installations help prevent dead spots and increase range up and down the road
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Cobra 29 Professional Driver CB Kit

Cobra 29 LTD Professional Driver Package


A complete CB kit for professional drivers that you'll be able to rely on for years

Outback Mount for Kenworth T2000 & Peterbuilt 387

Outback Mount for Kenworth T2000 & Peterbilt 387


Securely mount your CB antenna to the rear grab handle of any semi truck

Freightliner Cascadia CB Antenna Mount

Cascadia Semi Truck CB Antenna Mount


This heavy-duty mount uses existing bolt holes for a quick, no-drill install for Cascadia truck drivers

Best Seller Cobra 29 LTD CB Radio

Cobra 29 LTD Classic


Our bestselling full-sized CB, this radio is known for its longevity and durability

Best Seller Cobra 29 LX CB Radio

Cobra 29 LX


Cobra’s most modern CB with a full multicolor display

Best Seller Cobra 148 GTL Stock Image

Cobra 148 GTL


Enjoy the benefit of long-range SSB communications in a no-frills, super reliable unit

Best Seller Galaxy DX 959 CB Radio

Galaxy DX 959


The best unit Galaxy offers with a five-digit frequency counter and long-range SSB performance

Uniden 980 SSB CB Radio

Uniden 980 SSB


A super modern CB with a massive backlit & color customizable digital display

Cobra 29 LX Chrome CB Radio Front View

Cobra 29 LX Chrome


Perfect for professional and amateur CB users who want a unique, quality, full-featured CB radio

Cobra 29 LX BT

Cobra 29 LX BT


Same functionality as the Cobra 29 LX with advanced Bluetooth technology

Best Seller Firestik FS CB Antenna with Tunable Tip

Firestik FS CB Antenna


Our #1 selling fiberglass antenna offers top-notch performance & build quality 

Wilson FGT CB Antenna

Wilson Silver Load FGT CB Antenna


An all-purpose antenna backed by Wilson's five-year warranty

Wilson 5000 Trucker CB Antenna

Wilson 5000 Trucker CB Antenna


The ultimate antenna for professional big-rig driving

Best Seller Wilson 2000 CB Antenna

Wilson 2000 Trucker CB Antenna


Our top pick for professional drivers who needs a high performance antenna

Hustler Trucker CB Antenna

Hustler Trucker CB Antenna


A popular low-profile, center-load trucker antenna that packs a punch at a great value

Best Seller Firestik FS CB Antenna Kit

Firestik FS CB Antenna Kit


Our #1 selling CB antenna kit features premium components made in the USA

Wilson 5000 Trucker Antenna Kit

Wilson 5000 Trucker Antenna Kit


Count on uninterrupted communication in any weather with our top performing center-loaded trucker antenna

Firestik Dual Antenna Professional Driver Kit

Firestik Professional Dual CB Antenna Kit


A great dual antenna kit for long-distance interstate CB communication

Heavy-Duty CB Antenna Mirror Mount

Heavy-Duty CB Antenna Mirror Mount


Designed to handle serious mounting applications and heavy antennas

Best Seller Firestik SS64A 3-Way CB Antenna Mount

Firestik 3-Way CB Mount


Our most popular CB antenna mount due to its versatility and durability

Best Seller Firestik PL-259 Antenna Stud

CB Antenna Stud Mount (PL-259)


Our bestselling stud, recommended for all general CB applications

Heavy-Duty CB Antenna Stud

Heavy-Duty CB Antenna Stud


This heavy-duty stud will make it easy for you to mount your beefy antenna with confidence

Firestik Dual Antenna Coax Cable

Firestik CB Coax for Dual Antennas - 18'


Our premium coax cable to use for a dual antenna setup

RG59 Premium Dual Coax Cable

Premium RG59 CB Coax for Dual Antennas - 18'


Features hand-soldered ends for durability