CB Antennas

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  • The antenna (not radio!) is primarily what determines how far your CB can send/receive - so invest wisely
  • Longer antennas - and those mounted higher up - perform best
  • To learn more, see our comprehensive guide on picking the right CB antenna
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Best Seller Firestik FS CB Antenna with Tunable Tip

Firestik FS CB Antenna


Our #1 selling fiberglass antenna offers top-notch performance & build quality 

Best Seller Wilson Little Wil CB antenna

Wilson Little Wil CB Antenna


Our favorite 3’ magnet antenna, ideal if you have height limitations but want great range

Best Seller Wilson 1000 CB antenna

Wilson 1000 Magnet CB Antenna


This 62” magnet antenna is an easy install and is rated best in its class for range

Best Seller 102" Whip CB Antenna

102" CB Antenna Whip


Hands down the best performing mobile CB antenna you can buy

Best Seller Firestik FS CB Antenna Kit

Firestik FS CB Antenna Kit


Our #1 selling CB antenna kit features premium components made in the USA

Best Seller Firestik FS Dual CB Antenna Kit

Firestik Dual CB Antenna Kit


Our #1 dual antenna kit, featuring high performance parts made in the USA

Best Seller Firestik Firefly CB Antenna

Firestik Firefly CB Antenna


This thin antenna is ideal for lighter mounting applications & reducing wind noise

Best Seller Wilson Flex CB Antenna

Wilson Flex Antenna


Extremely flexible design is a great option for off-road antennas that often take a thrashing

Best Seller Francis Pre-Tuned CB Antenna Colors

Francis Pre-Tuned CB Antenna


Ideal for CBers that want an antenna requiring little setup or tuning

Wilson FGT CB Antenna

Wilson Silver Load FGT CB Antenna


An all-purpose antenna backed by Wilson's five-year warranty

Fiberglass Flex Antenna

Fiberglass Flex Antenna


This antenna bounces back when it comes in contact with low-hanging brush or other obstacles

Firestik KW CB Antenna

Firestik KW CB Antenna


The Firestik KW can be used in single and dual antenna applications and is a great choice for your car, truck or SUV

Cobra High Gear Fiberglass CB Antenna

Cobra High Gear Fiberglass CB Antenna


Built in the USA from heavy-duty 20 gauge wire for ultimate durability

Procomm CB Antenna

ProComm Fiberglass CB Antenna


An affordable fiberglass CB antenna that can fit into any install budget

Procomm Base-Loaded Steel Whip CB Antenna

Procomm Base-Loaded Steel Whip CB Antenna


The thin profile & flexibility of a whip with the mounting flexibility of a fiberglass antenna

Procomm Single CB Antenna Kit

ProComm Single CB Antenna Kit


Our most affordable single antenna kit

Procomm Dual Antenna CB Kit

ProComm Dual CB Antenna Kit


An affordable dual antenna kit install with versatile three-way mirror mounts

Wilson FGT CB Antenna Kit

Wilson FGT Silver Load Hood Kit


Everything but the radio comes with this hood channel mounting kit

Firestik Dual Antenna Professional Driver Kit

Firestik Professional Dual CB Antenna Kit


A great dual antenna kit for long-distance interstate CB communication

Wilson Silver Load Professional CB Antenna Kit

Wilson Silver Load Professional CB Antenna Kit


Big-rig drivers looking for a high-quality, high-value CB antenna system should make this kit their top choice

JK Jeep CB Antenna Kit

JK Jeep Wrangler CB Antenna Kit (2007-2017)


An easy-to-install, everything included antenna, mount & coax kit built for JKs

Firestik NGP Antenna Kit with 3-Way Mount

Firestik NGP 3-Way Mount CB Antenna Kit


Our #1 no-ground kit from Firestik easily mounts to your RV, motorhome, motorcycle or trailer

K30 CB Antenna Specs

K30 Magnet Mount CB Antenna - 35"


A high-performance CB that’s easy to install, easy to remove and made right here in the USA

Wilson 500 CB Antenna Front View

Wilson 500 CB Antenna


A quality mid-sized antenna that offers excellent range and performance