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CB Antenna Stud Mount (PL-259) Best Seller


  • Our bestselling stud, recommended for all general CB applications
  • The SO-239 connection is compatible with all PL-259 barrel-style style coax connections
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Bread without the peanut butter and jelly. A hamburger bun without the meat. Oreos without the cream. There are just some things that require a middle man. The PL-259 mount is the bridge between your antenna and the coax. Without it, you’re just working with two tasteless slices of bread—or a CB with no signal. This best-selling stud mount is constructed from chrome-plated machine brass, and it’s tough enough to withstand strong winds and vibrations from the antenna. For best performance, we recommend using with antennas 5' and shorter. If you'll be using a longer antenna, you'll want to consider something beefier like a heavy-duty stud or even a super beefy ball mount.


Model / SKU:Firestik K4A
Recommended for:
All-purpose CB use for antennas 5' and shorter. For antennas longer than 5', use a heavy-duty stud or ball mount.
Compatible with:Accepts all fiberglass and center-load antennas with a 3/8" x 24 thread. SO-239 connection on the bottom is compatible with coax that has PL-259 barrel-style ends. Designed for 1/2" stud holes, which are the industry standard on all CB mounts.
Installation Notes:It's crucial to install the nylon washer between the metal mounting surface and the top antenna nut. If not, a short will occur. See stud washer troubleshooting for more information. If installing on a flat surface without a mount, a 1/2" hole should be drilled.
Mount Location:Other
Stud Type:PL-259 (Barrel)
Material:Stainless Steel
Warranty:One year
Product Includes:Stud mount
Antenna, mount and coax not included

The importance of the stud mount cannot be overstated! The antenna stud mount acts as a bridge between the antenna and the coaxial feed line. Accordingly, it needs to allow for efficient transfer of your signals to and from the transceiver. If the stud mount doesn't perform that task efficiently, you end up with unneeded loss. And if that isn't enough, the stud mount must be strong enough to withstand the stress from an antenna subject to severe wind load and vibration.

Firestik stud mounts have become the industry standard. This wasn't by accident; it's because users learned to appreciate their outstanding design and quality material. Instead of inexpensive aluminum, Firestik uses chrome-plated machine brass. Instead of 9/16" (14mm) hex stock, they use 5/8" (16mm) stock. Instead of ABS or inferior plastic insulators, they use nylon. Instead of cadium-plated hardware, they use stainless steel. And their heavy-duty 3/8" center shanks can mean the difference between trouble-free use and lost antennas. Some businesses have copied the look of the Firestik antenna studs, but those "low-cost targeted" parts have a tendency to come apart -- it's buyer beware! You might save a dollar, but you could also lose a $25+ antenna as your "reward."

This K-4A stud mount has been praised by communications professionals for 20 years. You can actually pay more for a stud mount but you certainly will not get more than what the K-4A offers. The K-4A should be used whenever a PL-259 terminated coax cable is to be used (K-8A, K-9A, R-8A, R-9A). Like the K-4, this stud is designed for 1/2" (13mm) holes. In a typical installation, antennas with 0.680" (15mm) of exposed threads can be used without the fear of bottoming out before proper tightening is accomplished.


Customer Reviews

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Tim B.
Great Mount

Mount does what it’s supposed to and was very easy to install on a truck bed rail. I have hit all sorts of stuff with the antenna (which is on a spring of course) and it’s holding up no problem

Carl L.
Antenna Stud Mount (PL-259)

Worked as advertised and made an easy job of mounting a Firestick antenna to my rear bumper.

Lee H.
Just right

Installed just as prescribed and has stayed tights ever since!

James S.
Good mount.

Good stable mount for a 4 foot firestik

Gary L.
Great product

Easily allows removal of the antenna to wash vehicle or when parked.