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CB Radio Business Bundle | Right Channel Radios

CB Radio Business Bundle


An affordable all-in-one package designed with your crew in mind

Best Seller Uniden Pro 510XL Front

Uniden Pro 510 XL


Our top-pick for an incredibly durable, compact (and surprisingly affordable) CB radio

President Andy II | Right Channel Radios

President Andy II


Compact CB with NOAA Weather Channels

President Johnny III in Orange Display

President Johnny III


Compact & rugged 12/24-volt CB radio with a host of features

Best Seller Cobra 25 LTD AM/FM | Right Channel Radios

Cobra 25 LTD AM/FM


The toughest midsize CB on the market with RF gain and PA function

Best Seller Firestik FS CB Antenna

Firestik FS CB Antenna


Our #1 selling fiberglass antenna offers top-notch performance & build quality 

Best Seller Firestik FS CB Antenna Kit

Firestik FS CB Antenna Kit


Our #1 selling CB antenna kit features premium components made in the USA

Best Seller Cobra 29 LTD Classic AM/FM

Cobra 29 LTD Classic AM/FM


Our bestselling full-sized CB, this radio is known for its longevity and durability

Best Seller Midland 75-822 CB Radio

Midland 75-822


The best of both handheld and mobile CBs with this go-anywhere rig that comes with a full car kit and a battery pack

Best Seller SWR Meter & Jumper Cable

SWR Meter with Jumper Cable


Everything you need to tune your CB antenna once installed

Best Seller Cobra 50 HH WX ST Handheld CB Radio

Cobra HH 50 WX ST Handheld


Cobra's new handheld CB, replacing the popular Cobra HH 38 WX ST Handheld radio

Cobra Hands Free CB Microphone System - All Included Parts

Cobra Hands-Free CB Microphone


An ideal solution for drivers that need to talk hands-free

Cobra CA BTCB4 Bluetooth CB Headset

Cobra Bluetooth CB Headset


Hands-Free CB and Cell Phone Communication

Heavy-Duty CB Antenna Mirror Mount

Heavy-Duty CB Antenna Mirror Mount


Designed to handle serious mounting applications and heavy antennas 

Best Seller RG8X Coax Cable

Premium RG8X CB Coax - 9' or 18'

From $24.95

This extra-beefy RG8X coax is resistant to kinks, cuts, door slams & mother nature

CB Antenna Mirror Mount with Heavy-Duty Stud

CB Antenna Mirror Mount with Heavy-Duty Stud


A long-lasting mirror mount that can support a large CB antenna, ideal for professional drivers

Procomm CB Antenna

ProComm Fiberglass CB Antenna


An affordable fiberglass CB antenna that can fit into any install budget

Best Seller Wilson Little Wil CB antenna

Wilson Little Wil CB Antenna


Our favorite 3’ magnet antenna, ideal if you have height limitations but want great range

Best Seller Firestik Heavy Duty CB Antenna Spring | Right Channel Radios

Heavy-Duty CB Antenna Spring


Designed for antennas up to 4’ tall, this durable spring protects your antenna, mount and vehicle

Best Seller (President McKinley SSB CB Radio, Front view with microphone)

President McKinley SSB


The most rugged SSB CB radio in the market

K30 CB Antenna Specs

K30 Magnet Mount CB Antenna - 35"


A high-performance CB antenna that’s easy to install, easy to remove and made right here in the USA

Best Seller Firestik Dual CB Antenna Kit

Firestik Dual CB Antenna Kit


Our #1 dual antenna kit, featuring high performance parts made in the USA

Best Seller Uniden CMX760 CB Radio with Mic

Uniden Off-Road CMX760


Uniden's new compact & off-road specific CB radio. 

Procomm Single CB Antenna Kit

ProComm Single CB Antenna Kit


Our most affordable single antenna kit