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Cobra 29 LTD Professional Driver Package

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  • A complete CB kit for professional drivers that you'll be able to rely on for years

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When you drive a warehouse on wheels, it goes without saying that a reliable CB is crucial to your time on the road. We created this kit specifically for professional drivers and built it around the top-rated, ever reliable Cobra 29 LTD. Included with the radio will be your choice of top-rated antennas from Wilson or Firestik. Not only does this kit save you money compared to buying parts separately, but it saves you a headache too. And we know you already have enough of those on the road.

Model / SKU:Cobra 29 Professional Package
Recommended for:Professional drivers who want a high-quality CB installation they can count on for years of dependable use.

This kit is built around the Cobra 29 radio series. The Cobra 29 is hands-down the most popular CB with professional drivers and has been for the last 40 years. This legendary radio features built-in SWR calibration, adjustable Dynamike boost, noise blanker, an extra-long 9' microphone cord, delta tune, tactile controls, PA capabilities, RF gain and a generous two-year extended warranty. Some models also have FM transmission options. Our package includes the option to upgrade to all popular versions of the Cobra 29 series, including those with NightWatch (a backlit display) and the new Cobra 29 LX models.


Antenna & Mounting Kit: We give you a choice of four different antenna kits, each of which includes two heavy-duty three-way antenna mounts designed to hold up to the demands of professional driving. We also throw in 18' of high-grade co-phased cable to ensure minimal signal interference. The antenna kits offered with this package include:

  • Firestik FS Fiberglass CB Antenna Kit: Firestik sells more CB antennas than anyone else, and its antennas are well known and respected. The included FS antennas feature an easily tunable tip and are the most popular fiberglass antennas on the market.
  • Wilson Trucker 2000 CB Antenna Kit: The Wilson Trucker 2000 has long been a favorite with professional drivers everywhere due to their quality, performance, reliability and money-back guarantee. The Trucker 2000 is one of the best-performing and most popular center-loaded antennas on the market.
  • Wilson Trucker 5000 CB Antenna Kit: The Trucker 5000 was designed specifically for users who want the best in a high-performance antenna with the ability to withstand serious power. It's guaranteed to outperform any other CB antenna on the market or your money. 

Mounting Hardware:
Each antenna kit comes with two oversized, heavy-duty mirror mounts designed to withstand years of use and abuse. We also include 18' of high-quality, 95% shielded co-phased coax cable.

Additional Information:
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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Great Equipment

Came quick enough plugged in and worked as expected.

Mark P.
Great product, works fantastic.

Great product, works fantastic.

Ismael S.
Best deal

Best deal

Mark P.
Great product, works fantastic.

Great product, works fantastic.

Mark A.
A ���good deal�۝ too good to be true for this driver

My previous Cobra 29 has served me well since 2003, and Firestick has always been my go to fiberglass. The coax and mount studs need addressing in this kit.
I was going to order a new setup from Walcott Radio, but an ad popped up for Right Channel Radio showing this ���pro driver�۝ pkg.
On the second day of use, one of the included mount studs snapped off going down the interstate , taking a brand new FS4 antenna with it. I stopped at the next truck stop, bought a new mount stud and firestick, and while installing the new mount stud/antenna the bottom of the coax threaded coupler (from the Right Channel pkg) broke off.
It�۪s been several weeks and I�۪m still waiting for a response on the coax and antenna, although Pat said they�۪d be happy to send a new mount although ���most likely you tightened it too much.�۝ I most certainly did not tighten it too much. I turn wrenches, and I drive rigs, so whatever. As far as the mount stud goes, this is the first one I�۪ve ever seen where the plastic collar is structural- meaning the threads are attached to the collar only and it put all structural integrity onto the plastic collar.
I�۪m not impressed with the quality of the mount studs and coax, and I should�۪ve just pieced together my kit like I have before.
I�۪ll also be using Walcott from now on.