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Heavy-Duty CB Antenna Mirror Mount


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This heavy-duty oversize CB mirror mount is intended for serious mounting applications and heavy antennas. It is designed to attach to horizontal mirror arms or bars measuring .5" - 1.25" in diameter.  Four mounting bolts and dual mirror grooves ensure a tight fit. Pair the heavy-duty mirror mount with beefy CB antennas 5' and longer for a secure installation. Take note that it can only be mounted horizontally. 

Model / SKU: 30053707
Recommended for:A great choice for semi drivers and other CB users who have large antennas and need to mount them using the mirror arm. For horizontal mirror arms or bars measuring .5" - 1.25" in diameter. 

Compatible with:
All fiberglass and center-load antennas that use a standard 3/8" x 24 threaded base. Requires a PL-259 barrel-style coax connection.

Installation Notes:

The four-bolt "Monster Mount" must be disassembled using an Allen wrench. Once the mount has been taken apart, you'll need to attach it to the mirror arm and reattach the bolts. The coax cable attaches to the PL-259 compatible stud. Comes with an over-sized chrome plated brass antenna stud to support heavy-duty antennas. 

This will only mount horizontally.

Mount Location:
Mirror / Bar

Stud Type:
PL-259 (Barrel)
Material:Heavy-Duty Aluminum mount and chrome plated brass stud
Product Includes:Heavy-duty mount and chrome plated brass PL-259 style stud
Antenna and coax sold separately

This will mount on a bar from ½” to 1 ¼”, and will only mount Horizontally. The mount is 2” wide. 

Customer Reviews

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william d chapman

Heavy-Duty CB Antenna Mirror Mount

Doug S.
Great Products & Service

I bought a 102" whip and hardware from Right Channel for installation in my new 2019 Can Am Defender. They blew me away with the level of customer service and they have really cool products too! The antenna quick disconnects make parking in low clearance areas or switching from a whip antenna to a different style a real breeze. You can't go wrong giving these guys your business. I also really like that I can call to place my orders. It's nice to talk to people instead of just clicking boxes.

Rick R.
Mirror mount on steroids

Very heavy duty, almost twice the size of your average mirror mount. A must have for the bigger antenna.

Dale P.
Don't buy this !

Look at the top of the bracket where the stud mounts and you can see how it is tapered, I had this bracket and because of the tapered part it always made the stud work loose.

Danie Z.
Heavy duty antenna mount

Most definitely heavy duty enough for any size antenna. The screws were to short to attach to the mirror on my Volvo semi tractor. Longer stainless screws from Sears added six dollars to the cost, making it an awfully expensive mount. The recessed screw holes do not allow attaching a ground wire with a crimped terminal end. I'll need to drill and tap a hole for that. That is a lot extra money and work for a mount of this price.