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Wilson Silver Load FGT CB Antenna


  • An all-purpose antenna backed by Wilson's five-year warranty
  • Features a tunable tip for easy SWR tuning

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The Wilson Silver Load FGT antenna has long been a favorite of CB users. The antenna gets its "Silver Load" name from the 18-gauge silver-plated wire used to increase performance by reducing resistive loss. The Wilson fiberglass Silver Load antenna also has a tunable tip for easy SWR tuning and is available in 3' and 4' lengths. This all-purpose CB antenna is a prime choice for your car, truck or SUV. It comes with a five-year warranty from Wilson!

Model / SKU:Wilson FGT
Recommended for:Use with pick-up trucks, Jeeps, off-Road vehicles, semis and commercial equipment. Can also be used with cars and vans, although magnetic mount antennas are often a better option.
Notable Features:Tunable Tip, 5-Year Warranty
Compatible with:
Antenna uses male 3/8" x 24 thread, compatible with all standard CB studs and mounts available.
Antenna Length(s):
3', 4'
Antenna Color(s):
Black, White
Approximate Range:
Range(s) are provided for comparison purposes only and are subject to numerous installation and environmental variables. For more detailed information, please see our reference article on CB Radio Range.
  • 3' Length: 3 to 4 miles
  • 4' Length: 4 to 6 miles
Product Includes:Wilson Silver Load FGT Antenna with tunable tip
Coax, mount and stud not included

The FGT line of Wilson antennas has several attractive features and is guaranteed to work better than any other fiberglass antenna in its class. Wilson designed this antenna with an exclusive impedance matching transformer to give good SWR without sacrificing power gain. The FGT series includes a tunable tip, making antenna tuning as simple as twisting a knob. Wilson uses 18-gauge silver-plated wire to reduce resistive losses and increase performance. If the FGT doesn't outperform your current fiberglass top-loaded antenna, Wilson will refund your money (see manufacturer's website for full details). Note: Antenna mount not included

  • Guaranteed to perform better than your current fiberglass antenna
  • Adjustable tip for quick and easy tuning
  • Includes antenna weather cap
  • 18-gauge silver-plated wire to reduce resistive losses
  • Compatible with weather channels
  • Exclusive impedance matching transformer lead



Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Jeff H.
Antenna work

The antennas work so great. Swr setting was easy and good. Running dual antennas on my s10 pick up truck. Tuned to 1.0 to 1

Austin C.
Worst antenna ever

This is by far the worst antenna I have ever used. Hooked it up to my President McKinley radio and couldn’t get the SWR under 2.5, even with the optional ground wire. Put a Firestik on the same mount, SWR was under 1.5 on all channels. Don’t waste your money.

Nicholas B.
Great antenna

Easy tip adjustments

Able to maintain super low SWR through all channels

Smoked my radio

I had a new ranger RCI63 400 W stock output, Running Through dual 4ft Silver load antennas. One antenna failed within 3 months , dead short, And smoked my brand new $650 radio. Will never buy a gain. My entire antenna system was all Wilson Cables and antenna base mount.

Basically worthless

I bought this antenna at Love’s truck stop, but it’s the exact same thing. The problem is that the tunable tip part is made too short. It’s full range doesn’t cover the full range of the SWR. It only covers about 75% of it. So you might get lucky and your system will fall within that 75%, in which case you’ll be able to tune it properly.
But there’s a big chance that your system will fall within the 25% of the outer range. In which case you won’t be able to adjust the tip out far enough.
And to make matters worse, the packaging says that if this happens, contact Wilson to get a longer tip. Ok cool.
But when I emailed them, they told me that a longer tip isn’t available, and that I should go to a CB shop.
So you get to pay more money than you planned on just to have a functional antenna.
For those of us who’ve already made the mistake of buying this antenna, another option is to try to Jerry-rig a homemade tip that is longer than the factory tip.
So either way, there’s an extra level of hassle when trying to make this antenna work.
Or just buy something else.