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RV & Motorhome CB Equipment

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  • Fiberglass RVs and motorhomes MUST use No-Ground Plane antennas
  • In-dash RV radio installations are popular, and most CBs listed below are standard DIN sized
  • Mounting as high as possible will reduce dead spots caused by the RV blocking the antenna
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Cobra 18 WX ST NGP RV & Motorhome CB Radio Kit

Cobra 18 RV CB Package


An RV package that includes everything you need for a quality CB and antenna installation

Cobra 18 WX ST Stock Photo

Cobra 18 WX ST II


Ideal for in-dash installations, this CB features a front speaker and is a favorite with RV and motorhome owners

Firestik NGP Antenna Kit with 3-Way Mount

Firestik NGP 3-Way Mount CB Antenna Kit


Our #1 no-ground kit from Firestik easily mounts to your RV, motorhome, motorcycle or trailer

Best Seller Firestik NGP CB Antenna Side Mount Kit

Firestik NGP Side Mount CB Antenna Kit


Everything you need to mount an antenna on your RV or other vehicle with no substantial metal chassis

Firestik NGP Roof Mount CB Antenna Kit

Firestik NGP Roof Mount CB Antenna Kit


Made in the USA and built to perform on any vehicle lacking a metallic chassis

Everhardt NGP Side Mount Kit

Everhardt NGP Side Mount Kit - 4'


A great option for motorhome and RV owners who want the factory install look

Firestik NGP Replacement Antenna

Firestik NGP Replacement Antenna


This replacement antenna is designed to be used with other NGP kits and coax cables

Best Seller Firestik SS64A 3-Way CB Antenna Mount

Firestik 3-Way CB Mount


Our most popular CB antenna mount due to its versatility and durability

CB Antenna Molded Side Mount

CB Molded Side Mount


This factory looking mount makes your CB antenna look like a natural extension of your vehicle

Horizontal Mirror Mount with HD Stud

Horizontal Mirror Mount with HD Stud


This mount makes it easy to attach larger antennas to horizontal mirror arms

Firestik NGP Coax Cable

Firestik NGP Coax Cable


The coax cable you need for NGP antenna applications

Best Seller SWR Meter & Jumper Cable

SWR Meter with Jumper Cable


Everything you need to tune your CB antenna once installed

Best Seller (President McKinley SSB CB Radio, Front view with microphone)

President McKinley SSB


The most rugged SSB CB radio in the market

President Johnson II - Front View with Blue display

President Johnson II


Feature Rich 12/24-volt CB radio

Midland 21406 CB External Speaker - Right Channel Radios

Midland 20-Watt External Speaker


A loud and clear external speaker