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Wilson 5000 Trucker Antenna Kit


  • Count on uninterrupted communication in any weather with our top performing center-loaded trucker antenna
  • Kit includes two Wilson 5000 Trucker antennas, mounts and a co-phased coax
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The Wilson 5000 Trucker Antenna outperforms all other center-loaded trucker antennas, making it our top recommendation for best-in-class range! Its unique floating coil construction is designed specifically not to ice up, ensuring you'll have uninterrupted access to CB communication and road updates no matter the road conditions or weather. Included in this kit are two Wilson 5000 Trucker antennas, two heavy-duty stainless steel three-way mounts, and a co-phased coax cable with 95%+ shielding. Assembled for the serious CB user, the Wilson 5000 Trucker Antenna Kit will increase your talking range.

Model / SKU:2(W5000 TRK 10) + 2(A100MM) + (A18X-18SDX)
Recommended for:Professional drivers who need a reliable, top-performing antenna. Most commonly mounted on semi trucks and commercial equipment, but can also be used on pick-up trucks. If you're using a 4-watt stock CB radio, we recommend the Wilson 2000 Trucker Antenna Kit over the more expensive Wilson 5000 Kit. The 2000 kit is cheaper and will provide similar transmit and receive performance. The additional price for the Wilson 5000 is justified if you're running high-wattage radio equipment or if the antenna will be used frequently in extreme winter conditions, as the 5000's floating coil is designed to prevent ice-related performance issues.
Notable Features:All-in-One Package, Class-Leading Antenna Range, Rated to 5,000 Watts AM / 20,000 SSB
Reliable in Severe Weather
Compatible with:The included coax cable is compatible with virtually all CB radios. The heavy-duty "Monster Mount" must be disassembled using an Allen wrench. Once the mount has been taken apart, you can attach it to vertical or horizontal mirror arms or detach the back plate and mount it to a vertical surface.
Antenna Length(s):59"
Antenna Color(s):
Black, White, Blue, Red
Approximate Range:
Range(s) provided are for comparison purposes only and are subject to numerous installation and environmental variables. For more detailed information, please see our reference article on CB Radio Range.

  • Approximately 10 to 12 miles
Product Includes:(2) Wilson 5000 Trucker antennas: 10" shaft + 49" whip
(2) Heavy-duty stainless steel 3-way antenna mounts and studs
(1) Co-phased 95%+ shielded coax cable

This kit includes everything needed for a professional dual CB antenna installation and saves you money compared to buying components individually. The kit features one of the most powerful CB antennas available: the Wilson Trucker 5000. The Trucker 5000 was designed specifically for users who want the best in a high-performance antenna that can withstand serious power. This antenna handles 5000 watts AM and 20,000 watts SSB. The special design of the Trucker 5000 floating coil prevents it from icing up or breaking, even in severe winter conditions. The highly engineered thermoplastic cover protects the coil from the harsh environmental conditions encountered on the open road. Wilson guarantees this antenna will work better than any other center-loaded antenna or your money back! (Please see manufacturer's website for full details.) The included three-way mount from Astatic is extremely versatile and durable, as it was intended for professional trucking use and features heavy-duty construction and a 4-bolt clamp assembly. The kit also includes 18' of premium co-phased coax cable.

Customer Reviews

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The Boss
Great Antennas

Good package. Everything you need is included! Antennas are very easy to tune and are of very good quality. And the performance for the price is outstanding!

Not bad.

Giving a '4' stars only because of the price and I didn't use the mount that came with the kit. But my SWR is at a solid 1 so I can't complain about the performance. Great on transmit and super on receive!