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Everhardt NGP Side Mount Kit - 4'


  • A great option for motorhome and RV owners who want the factory install look
  • Kit includes pre-tuned coax, a molded side mount and a 4' antenna of your choice

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Everhardt's NGP Side Mount Kit includes everything you need, including 18' of pre-tuned NGP coax cable, a molded side mount and a 4' fiberglass or steel whip antenna. The side-mount bracket gives this antenna a sleek look and a shape that will help reduce wind noise. The antenna features Everhardt's Super Tuner function, which matches the antenna to your vehicle. You should still check your SWR, but the antenna will rarely need to be tuned!

Model / SKU:Everhardt NGP-1 SM, SNGP-4 SM
Recommended for:RVs, motorhomes and other vehicles that don't have a metallic chassis. A large, metallic chassis (i.e. ground plane) is necessary for standard CB equipment to work properly. However, the no-ground equipment in this kit is specially engineered to work when installed on fiberglass, wood and other non-metal surfaces.
Notable Features:Very Clean-Looking Installation
Compatible with:
Virtually all CB radios. The side mount requires two holes drilled into the mounting suface. Access is required on the inside of the vehicle to secure the mounting bolts and connect the coax cable.
Antenna Length(s):
Antenna Color(s):
Approximate Range:
Range(s) provided are for comparison purposes and subject to numerous installation and environmental variables. For more detailed information, please see our reference article on CB Antenna Range Approximation.
  • 4' Length: 3 to 5 miles
Product Includes:Everhardt NGP antenna
18' pre-tuned NGP coax cable
Molded antenna side mount

No ground is no problem with Everhardt's new generation of No Ground Plane (NGP) CB antenna systems. They've been redesigned for more gain and introduce Everhardt's exclusive Super Tuner matching system, which actually matches the antenna so well it will function properly even when held in your hand! This unique system comes completely assembled with 18 feet of factory pre-tuned cable, a 4' antenna and a mount that can be used on horizontal mirror bars or vertical surfaces (drilling required).