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Cobra 18 RV CB Package

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  • An RV package that includes everything you need for a quality CB and antenna installation
  • Featured in this package is the Cobra 18 radio and a no-ground antenna kit

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We've designed this RV package to include everything you'll need for a quality CB and antenna installation for your RV. This package features the popular Cobra 18 RV radio with channel scanning, weather and easy in-dash installation. We also include your choice of three quality no-ground kits: with roof, side mount and three-way mounting options. We even include an SWR meter to properly tune your antenna after installation. Take the guesswork out of selecting the right CB components by choosing those that have a proven track record with hundreds of our RV customers.

Model / SKU:Cobra 18 RV Package + (SWR2T+A8X1 |OR| AUSWR)
Recommended for:RV drivers who want to stay up-to-date on road and weather communication. The NGP (no-ground plane) antenna can mount to any fiberglass surface and still perform. Perfect for the cross-country traveler who wants to communicate via CB.
Radio:This package is built around the Cobra 18 WX ST, which is a popular and affordable CB for RVs. The 18 WX ST supports 10 NOAA weather channels for staying up-to-date on local weather conditions. While most CB speakers are mounted on the bottom of the unit's chassis, the 18 WX ST features a front-mounted speaker for ultimate clarity. In-dash mounting is straightforward, as the radio fits into any single DIN-sized dash bay. The radio also features Cobra's exclusive SoundTracker noise-reducing technology, a heavy-duty 9' microphone cord and a generous two-year warranty.

The antenna and coax are the most important elements of a CB installation. When mounting CB antennas on the fiberglass surface of an RV, you'll need an NGP (no-ground plane) antenna and coax system. The NGP system creates its own ground plane, allowing you to mount the CB antenna on the fiberglass side, roof or mirror bars of your RV. Each kit includes an NGP antenna, NGP coax and all required mounting hardware. For useful information on installing CB antennas on RVs, please refer to these tips from Firestik and Wilson. We offer you a choice of three different antenna kits to provide the ultimate in mounting flexibility and customization.

  • Firestik No-Ground Plane 3-Way Mount Kit: This three-way mount allows you to attach the antenna to any horizontal or vertical bar or to any vertical surface. NGP antenna kits create their own counterpoise within the coax and don't need to be grounded to the vehicle's chassis.
  • Firestik No-Ground Plane Side Mount Kit: If you want to mount your antenna on a fiberglass surface with no electrical ground, you'll need a no-ground plane (NGP) kit. NGP antenna kits create their own counterpoise within the coax and don't need to be grounded to the vehicle's chassis. This kit from Firestik includes a molded side mount for a clean, professional-looking installation.
  • Firestik No-Ground Plane Roof Mount Kit: Ideal for mounting CB antennas on the roof or other horizontal fiberglass surfaces, the Firestik Roof Mount Kit includes a 2' NGP antenna, NGP coax, spring and a roof mount. The entire assembly is only 27" long for a clean, non-obtrusive installation.
Mounting Hardware:
Each of the NGP antenna kits includes specific mounting hardware. The three-way kit includes an L-shaped mount that can attach to vertical surfaces and to vertical and horizontal bars. The molded side mount attaches to vertical surfaces, and the flat roof mount attaches to horizontal surfaces.
Additional Information:
Every kit includes an SWR meter and coax jumper to tune your antenna for optimal performance. If you're not familiar with the tuning process, you can read why it's important and how to do it properly at the CB Resources page.

If you have a large RV and the included 18' coax cable is not long enough, you can purchase an additional coax cable and a double female coax connector to lengthen the cable. Note: If you need to add coax cable, BE SURE that the additional coax cable is between the radio and the coax cable that was included with the package. The NGP coax cable has to be directly attached to the antenna for it to function properly.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Dorr B.
Cobra 18

I was able to set this unit up my self, all the instructions were easy to follow.
I have a question can you leave the swr meter hooked up to monitor your output? Installed this radio in Winnebago 24k view motorhome with a fiberglass roof. Works great!

Donsld O.
Cobra CB with NGP antenna

easy install, great instruction, learned alot about NGP antenna,
Installed on motorhome.
Also bought the antenna spring due to height of Motorhome. 12’10"

Billing c.
cobra 18 rv cb package used with Firestick non-ground plane antennae

Easy to install due to small size and front located speaker simplifies mounting location without blocking speaker. Matched well to the Firestick antennae non-ground plane kit. Installed and SWR was 1.3 on 19 out of the box.

George B.
Great package.

People are impressed when I tell them it all came as a pre planned package straight from the company.

So far OK

Just had it installed on my new Motor Home and began a 3,700 mile trip for 2 weeks. Everything went well during installation but actual use is limited to a couple of short duration test outings.