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President George AM/FM SSB


  • Features AM,FM & SSB 
  • NOAA weather, channel scanning, auto squelch
  • 7-color backlit display
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There's every other radio, and then there's the President George. As of 2024, the George is the only CB radio to feature AM, FM and SSB. Whether you need a killer radio for your truck or home base station, the George will not leave you wanting. There are too many features to list, but variable RF power, Digital S meter, WX, PA, Talkback and CTCSS & DCS codes are some of the highlights. And of course, and you can extend the warranty to 5-years when you buy a President antenna at the same time. Long live King George!

Buy a President George and get a FREE BT Mike via mail-in coupon! Runs May 1 through June 30, 2024.

Model / SKU:President George 
Recommended for:CB Enthusiasts who want a radio that can do it all, or someone who wants a radio with all the bells & whistles. This full size radio may be tough to fit in a small cab vehicle, but if you want this radio you'll likely find a way to make it fit. 
Radio Features:AM/FM, Single Side Band (SSB), Weather, Backlit Display, Built in SWR Meter, PA, Beep Function, ANL/NB & Hi-cut Noise Filters, Roger Beep, Channel Scanning, Skip Scan, Automatic Squelch, Adjustable Emergency channels, Dual Watch, Weather Scan & Alert, RF Gain, VOX hands free, 7-color Display, Dimmer, CTCSS & DCS codes, Clarifier, USB charging port
Compatible with:
Compatible with all CB antennas on the market.
Product Includes:
Radio and 6-pin microphone
Mounting bracket and hardware
Power cord with Fuse
Microphone hanger
Manufacturer Warranty:
Two Years OR Five Years with the purchase of a President Antenna
Radio Dimensions:
7.28” x 6.77” x 2.20” / 185 x 172 x 56 mm
Download Manual:
To download / view manual, please click here.
  • AM/FM SSB Capability
  • Backlit Display with 7 color options - Change the color of the backlit display to orange, green, blue, cyan, yellow, purple, and light cyan 
  • 40 AM and 80 SSB Channels- 40 AM, 40 Upper Side Band, 40 Lower Side Band
  • NOAA Weather Channels - Instant access to national weather channels and alerts for severe weather, even if not specifically monitoring weather channels
  • Built in SWR Meter - auto beep tuning
  • Automatic/Manual Squelch - An optional function that allows the radio to automatically or manually squelch out static, depending on your preference.  
  • PA Capability - Use CB radio as a public address system with PA speaker; incoming signals can also be monitored through PA
  • 12 volt - Which is common in all vehicles 
  • Dual Watch -  lets you watch over channel 9 or 19 and the current channel.
  • RF Gain - Adjusts receive gain in weak and strong signal areas
  • Roger Beep - Optional Roger beep that activates after keying the microphone
  • Talkback - Hear your transmission after you send it
  • External Vox Microphone Jack - The President McKinley SSB is compatible with voice-activated microphones for hands free use. 
  • Memory Channel - One memory channel is available
  • USB PORT - For your usb needs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jeremy Privette

still trying to figure it out.. its got alot going on,probably more than i need. i can hear some chatter every blue moon but no response when i talk .. we'll see

Michael Dusich
Pres George Replaced McKinley

I bought the President George FCC to replace the McKinley in my Jeep Gladiator. Antenna mount is the one that bolts under the hood on the left side with the 18ft Firering coax and a 3-foot Firefly antenna because it fits in the garage. I got a 1.0 match on channel 20, 1.8 on 40 and 2.0 on 1. Thing is when I use my 5-foot firestick i get 1.0 match on all 40 channels!! So far I love the George. I am using a MD-104 mic but the stock mic sounds really good too. All the features are set up, too many to detail here. The only drawback in my opinion is the scan is way slower than the McKinley but is more feature packed like you can skip channel 6 so the scan does not stop there and also have the scan stop on a busy channel for only a few seconds then continue. All in all a great radio!!

James Fuller
President George

Lol sorry about that review my first review ever.The president George is a great radio i like all the features on it especially the weather alert where i live in Tennessee you better have some kind of warning the receive is excellent speaker is great i like how you can dim the lights on it. I also like the voltage meter and the built in SWR meter lot of bells and whistles