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Troubleshooting Guides

High SWR Troubleshooting Guide

Can't get your CB antenna's SWR within a reasonable range?  Going crazy trying to troubleshoot the problem?  Our guide can help.

Resistance and Multimeter Use

An understanding of electrical resistance is required to successfully troubleshoot most CB electrical issues. This guide discusses the principle of resistance and basic multimeter use.

How to Test for a Ground

Far and away, the most common cause of high-SWR is an improperly grounded antenna. This guide discusses how to use a multimeter to determine if your installation is properly grounded.

How To Test for a Defective CB Coax

A defective coax cable will result in sky-high SWR. Fortunately, testing coax is very straightforward.

How to Test for a Defective CB Antenna

A defective antenna will result in high SWR. Testing is very similar to coax testing, and easy with a multimeter.

SWR Meter Coax Connections

It's not uncommon for people to struggle with off-the-charts SWR readings only to realize their meter wasn't connected properly! Here's how to make sure your meter is properly installed.

How to Identify a Faulty SWR Meter

While rare, a faulty meter may give you bogus high SWR while you struggle unsuccessfully to find a solution. The good news is you likely don't have a SWR issue - just an equipment malfunction.

Reached Limit of Antenna's Adjustability

Occasionally the tuning process will indicate that you need to further increase/decrease the length of your antenna. Here's what to do if you've reached the limit of how far the antenna will lengthen.

Great SWR, Poor Performance

Have great SWR readings from your antenna, but struggling to talk more than a 1/2 mile? It's probably time to upgrade your antenna.

CB Radio Problems

CB radios are rarely the cause of problems. Issues can almost always be traced back to an antenna, coax or grounding issue. However, there are a few radio-related issues discussed in this article.

Electrical and Engine Noise

Electrical noise picked up by your CB can distort your signal and make it difficult to hear incoming transmissions. Moving a few wires or installing a filter may solve the problem.

How to Perform a System Wide Continuity Check

An open can be a result of improper assembly, and can cause high SWR readings in your CB radio and antenna install.

Should You Be Using No-Ground Equipment?

Having performance issues on a vehicle with a limited metal chassis? You may need to consider no-ground plane CB equipment.

How to Troubleshoot the Stud Washer

It's such a small item in the system, yet it can cause major problems. An incorrectly installed stud washer will always result in high-SWR.