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Magnet CB Antennas vs Magnet Antenna Mounts

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When magnetic mounting is the best option for your rig, the next question is: magnet antenna or magnet mount?

Not sure magnet mounting is the way you should go? Read our Choosing the Best CB Antenna guide first.

Magnetic mounting is often ideal for trucks or other vehicles with metal roofs, but can also be a great option in cases when there's no specific mount made just for your rig. Once you determine magnetic is the best choice for you, there are two options: a magnet antenna or a magnet mount.


Easy to install, magnet antennas are perfect for metal-roofed vehicles where the antenna can be mounted as high as possible, well above the baseline of the vehicle. These antennas are base-loaded where the coil lives inside the base and a whip-style antenna projects out. Our favorite magnet antennas are the Wilson 1000 and the Wilson Little Wil.


If you're looking for something different with more customizable options, a magnet mount may be your best bet. These mounts allow you to use accessories, such as a quick disconnect, antenna spring, or fold-down adapter, along with our most popular Firestik antennas, the FS and the Firefly. Magnet mounts also come in handy when you need to attach the mount lower on your vehicle and need a top-loaded antenna in order to clear the roofline. These mounts vary in strength, so be sure to choose the right mount for your size of antenna. A good place to start is with the Heavy-Duty CB Antenna Magnet Mount or 5" CB Magnet Mount


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