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  • Our premium disconnect makes it easy to remove your antenna quickly—no tools required
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If James Bond had a CB rig, we guarantee he’d have the Firestik CB Antenna Quick Disconnect. Rather than risk a run-in with Goldfinger, Bond would have the ability to push down, rotate and quickly remove his antenna, making it even easier to hide his souped-up 4x4 in a low-clearance cave for safe-keeping. Even if you don’t need a quick escape route, the Firestik Quick Disconnect comes in handy anytime you need to remove your antenna. Recommended for fiberglass antennas up to 5' tall and built with a stainless steel locking pin and spring for the ultimate in durability, even if a villain is on your tail.

Model / SKU:Internal Locking Quick Disconnect
Recommended for:
Antennas up to 5' tall. For antennas longer than 5' or for very heavy antennas under 5' (such as Monkey Made models), we recommend a super heavy-duty disconnect.
Compatible with:Virtually all fiberglass and center-loaded CB antenna. The female top accepts all antennas with a 3/8" x 24 thread. The male bottom is a standard 3/8" x 24 thread and will screw into any CB antenna stud.
Installation Notes:Installation is easy; no tools required. Screw the disconnect into any CB stud or mount, then screw the antenna into the top of the disconnect. Disconnect can be used with an antenna spring. They are simply stacked/screwed on top of one another. The Firestik K1A is about 2 7/8” tall.
Mount Location:Other
Stud Type:No Stud
Material:Stainless Steel
Warranty:One year
Product Includes:Quick disconnect accessory

Firestik CB Antenna Mount: There are many reasons you'd want to quickly remove your antenna without fumbling around for tools. Maybe your antenna is too tall to fit in your garage, or you often park in a high-theft area. Maybe you don't use your antenna every day, but you want to be able to snap it on in a hurry when you do. If that's the case, a quick disconnect is all you need. Firestik offers two quick disconnect models. Both are compatible with standard 3/8" x 24 threaded antennas and accessories. The K-1A model has an internal locking mechanism. This design requires more handling and machining than an external locking design, but offers weather-protected components and additional security from casual thieves who may not be familiar with the push-and-twist locking mechanism. The K-1A can be used with any of our antennas up to 5' (1.5m) tall and with all accessories. The actual installed size is 2.9" (74mm) high by 0.600" (15mm) diameter. The upper and lower body parts are made of chrome-plated machined brass. The locking pin and spring are made of stainless steel.



Customer Reviews

Based on 149 reviews
David Vogler
Great device — a must have

Works exactly as described. Solid product. I recommend this to anyone with a tall Firestik CB Antenna. A lifesaver.

David Leitner
Easy to use

Only had adapter for two weeks but seems good and is much easier than using wrenches to take off antenna

Kyle Merritt
Wrong parts

I would like it alot more if i got the right parts and if someone would answer my emails

Dennis Schutte

Worked ok but wobble. The tolerance could be a little bit more tighter.

Mark Sullivan
good. it works great

Hi, worth the money