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Installing a CB Radio System in your RV

Posted by Pat Haggerty updated

We're excited to be sharing a fun install with you today! We recently worked with Erik over at Alexander Outdoors, Inc., getting him the proper gear and advice to install a CB system on his Jayco motorhome using our Cobra 75 CB Radio and Firestik NGP Antenna Kit. Thanks for sharing the process with us, Erik, and take it away...


Hey everyone -- I just finished installing a CB system on my Jayco motorhome and I'm happy to share my experience with my fellow RCR customers!

Prior to starting this project, I talked to Pat at Right Channel Radios and he told me everything that I needed to get this job done. Here was my shopping list:

Once I had everything on hand, I started with the antenna placement as I needed to find the best place to attach it and then run the coax down the vehicle. This place ended up being the back of my rig's rear ladder. 

Jayco Motorhome CB Antenna | Right Channel Radios

I initially ordered a 4' foot antenna as I wanted to be sure to get the antenna above my AC unit to maximize range. But, on my maiden voyage to my RV storage, a tree immediately took out the adjustment screw and cap. So I replaced it with a 3' antenna instead and haven't had any issues since.

CB Motorhome Install | Right Channel Radios

Next, I needed to get the coax to the engine, and carefully running the cable along the bottom of the motorhome and then dealing with the excess cable was the biggest challenge of the install. I carefully ran it all underneath and continually zip tied the crap out of it. I ended up coiling the excess cable and also zip tying it to the undercarriage.

CB Motorhome Install | Right Channel Radios CB Motorhome Install | Right Channel Radios

Once I got to the engine, I removed the bolts to the coolant reservoir and ran the cable along the side to get it inside. I then moved the wires up and along the hood to join the other lines that are already routed there. I decided to hardwire the radio straight to the battery, running the black to the negative and the red to the positive, using terminal ring connectors I had on hand. 

CB Motorhome Install | Right Channel Radios CB Motorhome Install | Right Channel Radios

Once connected, I zip tied down the wires and used black wire conduit, all in the hopes of creating a factory-look install.

To get the connection into the cab, I didn't need to drill and simply ran the cable through the firewall.

CB Motorhome Install | Right Channel Radios CB Motorhome Install | Right Channel Radios

For this system, I went with the Cobra 75 WX ST specifically because I plan to get a Jeep to tow behind my motorhome, and I want something that can be moved between the vehicles. This radio has a remote connector box that can be purchased separately and installed in my Jeep to allow an easy transfer.

Cobra 75 CB Radio Motorhome Install | Right Channel Radios


So there you have it! It certainly wasn't rocket science, and my only minor challenges were dealing with the excess coax underneath the rig and fighting a bit to get the cable through the firewall and into the cab. All in all, it took less than 3 hours to install on my own. Hope this helps other travelers out there and I can't wait to really use this thing this summer!

Erik Alexander, Alexander Outdoors, Inc



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