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5" CB Magnet Mount


  • Use this magnet mount to secure your fiberglass antenna in place 
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The 5" CB magnet mount is perfect for anyone who wants to mount a fiberglass antenna to a magnet base. This mount is recommended for CB antennas up to 4' in length and can be easily installed on any flat metallic surface.

Model / SKU:PM-5 OR JBC115
Recommended for:Mounting antennas up to 4' in cars, SUVs and light-duty trucks.
Compatible with:
All CB antennas that use a standard 3/8" x 24 threaded base.
Installation Notes:
Installation requires a flat metal surface. The coax cable attaches to the base of the magnet and will need to be routed inside the vehicle's cab and connected to the CB radio.
Mount Location:
Flat Surface (Roof, Bumper), Magnet
Stud Type:
PL-259 (Barrel)
Product Includes:Magnetic base with 12' of coax cable and a PL-259 end




Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
I haven't bought this antenna I am pissed off at one of these reviews.

The only negative review is someone who is complaining that the magnet did not stick. The only reason that could have happened would be if this man had an aluminum or fiberglass roof. This guy is giving a bad rating because he is a dumbass who doesn't understand that magnets don't stick to all metal. For Christs sake dude, use some critical thinking skills! YOU DUCT TAPED IT ON?!??!?!?! WHAT? I hope in the 9 years since he wrote the review he will gain a few more braincells.

Carl B.
this mount is sturdy and

this mount is sturdy and made of Metal and works real great carl Belnap and Guide Dog Amarillo in Oregon

William L.
Works good

The magnet hold good thur the trees but its rusting after a short period of having it

Donnie I.
5" magnat mount

They work great. We have them on all our pickups

Works great

I have had this mount for atleast 2 years now and it a hard little bugger to take off. i have a 3 foot firefly with spring and quick release and i have never had it move or fall off.