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Wilson 1000 Magnet CB Antenna Best Seller


  • This 62” magnet antenna is an easy install and is rated best in its class for range
  • Screw-off coil makes it easy to separate the antenna in low clearance areas or for storage
  • All-in-one antenna includes magnet mount, whip antenna & coax
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Any legitimate CBer will tell you nothing can compensate for full-size 102” whip antennas. But if you want to get as close as possible to 102” performance without having a monster 8 ½ foot antenna chasing you around town, the Wilson 1000 is your ticket.  This antenna superior performance (which allows you to regularly talk 5+ miles) has made it one of our most popular antennas.  Even when you’re cruising the big road at top speeds, this heavy-duty model will stay put on any metallic surface.  Constructed with 10-gauge windings and a high-impact thermoplastic shell, this antenna will run better than your pickup does. The screw-off coil allows the antenna to separate at the coax-wired base for convenience when entering low-clearance areas or for temporary antenna storage.

Model / SKU:Wilson W1000 MAG BK
Recommended for:High-performance, long-range CB use for individuals wanting an easy installation on cars, trucks or commercial vehicles. If using a 4-watt, stock CB radio, we recommend this antenna over the more expensive Wilson 5000. The 1000 is cheaper and will provide similar transmit and receive performance. Paying more for the Wilson 5000 is justified if you're running high-wattage radio equipment or if the antenna will be used frequently in extreme winter conditions, as the 5000's floating coil is designed to prevent ice-related performance issues.
Notable Features:Class-Leading Range, Screw-Off Antenna Coil, Rated for 3,000 Watts
Compatible with:
All CB radios. The magnet mount easily attaches to any flat metallic surface and is designed to hold tight even at high speeds.
Antenna Length(s):
Antenna Color(s):
Approximate Range:

Range(s) provided are for comparison purposes only and are subject to numerous installation and environmental variables. For more detailed information, please see our reference article on CB Radio Range.

  • Approximately 5 to 7 miles
Product Includes:Wilson 1000 Magnet Antenna
18' of attached CB coax

The Wilson 1000 is one of the most rugged antennas you can buy. It's made with Mobay's thermoplastic, which costs a bit more but is the best material available. Accordingly, it comes with a two-year warranty and is guaranteed to outperform any base-loaded CB mobile antenna (except the Wilson 5000) or your money back! (Please see manufacturer's website for details.) The Wilson 1000's higher performance is a result of several new design developments that bring you the most powerful CB base-loaded antenna available in its price range.

Guaranteed to perform better than your current base-loaded antenna
62" tapered stainless steel whip
Includes 17' of coax cable with a PL-259 end
Magnet mount allows installation on any metal surface
High-quality base-loaded magnet mount antenna at an affordable price
Removable coil for safe storage and garage entrance
3,000-watt capacity
Weather channel compatible
Constructed of high-impact thermoplastic
Two-year warranty
Black base



Customer Reviews

Based on 102 reviews
Jose Sevilla
Awsome as always

Not a good as the 102" whip, but it dose get me a swr of 1:7 which is accebtable. Using it on a stock Uniden 980 SSB radio

Kyle Tompkins

Wilson 1000 Magnet CB Antenna

Wilson 1000 Magna Mount

How can anybody ever complain about, what I feel is the best mobile antenna you could buy on the market. The magnet part works fantastic, the talk range is as good as 102 inch wip i’ve had mine on my truck for over 10 years. I set the SWR when I installed it, checked it at least once every 18 months or so, and never had to change it. On side band, you can talk skip with a stock radio it doesn’t get any better than that. Don’t waste your money on anything else buy this antenna you will not be disappointed.

James Weigel
It Works Great!

Perfect SWR, right out of the box!
Excellent quality product with excellent range; listening and broadcasting. I am most pleased.

Robert Godshalk
Everything You’d Expect

The Wilson 1000 is everything you’ve been told about. Easy to install and tune. SWR was 1.2 out of the box no need to adjust.