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FireRing Compatible Stud


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This rock-solid antenna stud is compatible with ring coax cables such as the Firestik FireRing or the Procomm Pro-Ring. Built with stainless steel, machined brass and oversize hex stock, this is a product that will stand the test of time. Ring coax cables are ideal for low-profile mounts or mounting scenarios where you need the coax to exit the mount at a 90 degree angle. This stud is made to mount in a 1/2" hole and includes an extra-long bolt that accommodates the thickness of the ring connection along with a double-sided nut, flat, nylon and locking washers. 

Model / SKU::PRC900L

Recommended for:
Use with FireRing coax and other ring-style coax cables. Ring coax cables are ideal for situations where there isn't much room between the antenna mount and the vehicle OR scenarios where the coax cable must attach at a 90 degree angle.

Compatible with:All ring-style coax cables that have an open hole in one end.  Accepts all fiberglass and center-load antennas with a standard 3/8" x 24 thread pattern.
Installation Notes:It's crucial to install the stud's nylon washer between the metal mounting surface and the top antenna nut. Additionally, the raised nylon insulator side of the ring connection MUST face the mounting surface. Otherwise, a short will occur. See stud washer troubleshooting for more info. If installing on a flat surface without a mount, you'll need to drill a 1/2" hole.
Mount Location:Other
Stud Type:Ring
Material:Stainless Steel
Product Includes:Ring-Compatible Antenna Stud
Warranty:One year

This antenna stud is compatible with Firestik's custom FireRing cable attachment or the Procomm ring style coax.  It differs from traditional  studs in that the bolt is 1.25" long instead of 1" in order to accommodate the FireRing attachment.

The importance of the stud mount cannot be overstated! The antenna stud mount acts as a bridge between the antenna and the coaxial cable. Accordingly, it needs to allow for efficient transfer of your signals to and from the transceiver. If the stud mount doesn't perform that task efficiently, you end up with unneeded loss. On top of that, the stud mount must be strong enough to withstand the stress placed on it by an antenna that's subject to severe wind load and vibration.

Ring stud mounts have become the industry standard as users increasingly appreciate their outstanding design and material quality. Instead of 9/16" (14mm) hex stock, they use 5/8" (16mm) stock. Instead of ABS or inferior plastic insulators, they use nylon. Instead of cadium-plated hardware, they use stainless steel. And the heavy-duty 3/8" center shanks can mean the difference between trouble-free use and lost antennas.

Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Brian M.
Mager Fialure

Finally got it installed, seemed to work well. During a drive the pin that holds the quick attach fell out. I lost my Fire Stick antenna. Would have gone back for it but a semi ran it over.

Anita B.
Good mount

Quality product. Install was very easy. Handles my 3 ft antenna with quick disconnect no problem.

Doc M.
Road Trip Prep

Bought the mount for the Hood/Fender, Fire stik Fire Ring CB Coax with FME, Fire stix tuning bolt and rubber cap. All came pretty quick by pony express up here in the mountains, had every thing installed in about an hour, didn't have to call my buddies. Good Products.

Works good

nothing much to it but it's been working really good

The Right Stuff!

I came to Right Channel folks were great in having everything compatible in Firestik Equipment. This Comatible Stud is quality from the beginning and mounts the Cable with ease. I did glue a rubber washer to the bottom - peace of. I don't for me - it is a new vehicle.