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Ford Truck CB Equipment

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  • Rooftop magnet and fiberglass antennas are most popular / work best with Ford trucks
  • We also stock a number of mounts made specifically for F150, F250 & F350 trucks trucks (see below)
  • To learn more, see our comprehensive CB Guide for Pickup Trucks
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RG58 Coax Cable

RG58 CB Coax Cable - 9' or 18'


An affordable option for all your general CB install needs

Best Seller SWR Meter & Jumper Cable

SWR Meter with Jumper Cable


Everything you need to tune your CB antenna once installed

Best Seller Firestik Medium CB Antenna Spring | Right Channel Radios

Medium CB Antenna Spring


Designed for antennas up to 3’ tall, this durable spring protects your antenna, mount and vehicle

Astatic 636L CB Microphone - Black

Astatic 636L CB Microphone


A dynamic noise-canceling mic to improve overall sound quality

10-Watt PA Horn

Black Weatherproof CB PA Horn - 10 Watt


This weatherproof horn has 10 watts of power, perfect to mount in your car, SUV or pickup

Best Seller Amplified 20-Watt PA Horn

Amplified 20-Watt PA Horn


Almost 3x as loud as non-amplified horns (ie - horns powered just by the radio)

Best Seller 3-Pin CB Cigarette Power Adapter

3-Pin CB Cigarette Power Adapter


Power your radio easily without any complicated wiring

President New York CB Antenna

President Virginia CB Antenna


Low-profile & modern pre-tuned magnetic antenna with an adjustable antenna angle

President Johnson II - Front View with Blue display

President Johnson II


Feature Rich 12/24-volt CB radio

Best Seller Uniden CMX760 CB Radio with Mic

Uniden Off-Road CMX760


Uniden's new compact & off-road specific CB radio. 

Best Seller Firestik FireRing Coax Cable with FME Connector

Firestik FireRing CB Coax with FME - 9'


Our most versatile coax cable has a ring-style connection that’s perfectly suited for low-profile installations

Uniden BC23A 15-watt amplified external speaker | Right Channel Radios

Amplified 15-watt external speaker


Amplified speaker for the loudest working conditions

Best Seller Cobra 25 LTD CB Radio

Cobra 25 LTD


The toughest midsize CB on the market with RF gain and PA function

CB Ball Mount

CB Ball Mount


Ideal for large CB antennas that require a heavy-duty, adjustable antenna mount

102 Inch Whip Antenna Kit with Ball Mount

102 Inch Whip Antenna Kit with Ball Mount


Includes 102" whip with tie-down, ball mount, potbelly spring, and 18' of coax

102 Inch Whip Antenna Kit for Flush Mount

102 Inch Whip Antenna Kit for Flush Mount


Includes 102" whip with tie-down, heavy-duty stud, potbelly spring, and 18' of coax

Photo of Stryker SRA 1020 CB Antenna | Right Channel Radios

Stryker SRA 10/20 Trucker Antenna


Built for professional drivers looking for a maximum range

Photo of Stryker SRA10 Magnet Mount CB antenna, attached with parts | Right Channel Radios

Stryker SRA10 Magnet CB Antenna


Powerful magnet mount, 10k-watt power rating