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Uniden Pickup Truck CB Package Best Seller

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  • Frills-free and compact kit featuring the rugged Uniden 510 radio
  • Includes everything you need for an install in your pickup

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Not every truck man is a lifted-body-chrome-rims-LED-running-lights kind of truck man. Some of us prefer our truck to be practical but polished, functional but frills-free. If you want a CB that falls into the latter, our Uniden CB package is super compact and rugged, constructed to last and looks like it was meant to live in your truck. The ProComm antenna kit includes a fiberglass antenna, three-way mount and 9' of coax all in one package. This high-value package will last a lifetime, or at least outlast those chrome rims.


Model / SKU:Uniden Pickup Kit
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Pickup drivers looking for a high-value, high-quality CB package that has all the necessary parts and will last a lifetime. The Uniden Pro 510 and 520 XL radios are built on a heavy-duty chassis and can withstand tough use. The compact Uniden radios will easily fit in the cab of your full-sized, midsize or light-duty pickup truck.
Radio:Choose between the Uniden Pro 510 or 520 XL CB radio. These compact, durable radios easily fit in the cab of your vehicle without taking up valuable space. The Uniden Pro 510 XL is the base model radio, while the 520 XL offers PA (public address) and RF gain functions. If you would like to have a PA system in your pickup, be sure to upgrade the package to the Uniden Pro 520 XL.
Antenna:The made-in-America Bull Dog fiberglass antenna offers quality and performance at a reasonable price. Made with 20-gauge copper wire, the antenna is rated for up to 750 watts. Its 3/8" x 24 threaded base ensures compatibility with all standard CB mounts. Available in 2', 3' or 4' lengths.
Mounting Hardware:The complete pickup package includes a three-way mount that allows you to attach the CB antenna to vertical or horizontal bars, or to any vertical surface. Many pickup truck drivers attach the mount to the truck's bed rail, because it's a good grounding surface and allows the antenna to clear the roof of the cab.
Additional Information:The package also includes 9' of low-loss RG58 coax cable, which has two PL-259 screw-on ends that easily attach to the radio and antenna stud.
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