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Francis Pre-Tuned CB Antenna Best Seller


  • Ideal for CBers that want an antenna requiring little setup or tuning
  • Available in 3', 4', 5' and 5.5' lengths

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The Francis Pre-Tuned Antenna goes from the box to the airwaves in no time at all. Quickly mount your antenna without the hassle of a long setup time. These antennas don't usually require tuning, but it's important to test SWR to ensure safe operation levels. Why?  Lack of a ground plane or other issues unrelated to antenna length can cause high SWR levels and may potentially damage radio equipment if not corrected.

Model / SKU:Francis CB Series 3, 4, 5
Recommended for:CB users seeking an antenna that can be quickly set up and operational. Fiberglass construction is ideal for pick-up trucks, semis and large passenger vehicles. Can also be used with cars and vans, but magnet antennas are often easier to install.
Notable Features:Pre-Tuned for Minimal Adjustment, Exclusive Double Helical Winding
Compatible with:
Antenna uses male 3/8" x 24 thread, compatible with all standard CB studs and mounts available.
Antenna Length(s):
4', 5', 3'
Antenna Color(s):
Black, White, Orange
Approximate Range:
Range(s) provided are for comparison purposes only and are subject to numerous installation and environmental variables. For more detailed information, please see our reference article on CB Antenna Range Approximation.

  • 3' Length: 3 to 4 miles
  • 4' Length: 4 to 6 miles
  • 5' Length: 5 to 7 miles
Product Includes:Francis Pre-Tuned CB Antenna
Mount and coax cable sold separately


  • Continuous load fiberglass antenna
  • Pre-tuned for optimal performance out of the box
  • Constructed of custom fiberglass to ensure flexibility and durability


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews
    christopher hughes
    Can't go wrong

    Used these on my big trucks and pick-ups, a motorcycle,everything I ever had a radio in. Never failed, never broke, was always able to get out. Had to back into a bldg. years ago and they were way too tall, tied them in a knot and got it done. Only problem is that when they get old, handle 'em with gloves on, they'll give you the worst splinters ever....

    Joseph S.
    Low SWR Reading

    I installed my new Francis pre-tuned antenna without complications. I located the 4' antenna on the driver side between my tailgate and taillight regarding my 2018 Nissan Desert Runner. I know the antenna was delivered pre-tuned but I did have to cut 1/2 inch off the top for very low SWR readings. I used bolt cutters which made the adjustment simple. I installed a heavy duty spring to my antenna due to my trail driving I do. All in all I recommend Francis Antennas for your cb install.

    Anthony E.
    Francis Pretuned Antenna

    It's light weight flexible and great for anyone not concerned with receiving or trans mitting any kind of distance.

    Bruce B.
    Still a Good Antenna Today

    I owned Francis whip Antennas back in the 70's, the new one is preforming as expected.

    Go big

    I had a 3' Francis on a ball and spring mount on the driver's side of my pickup truck. The SWR was not tune below 2.8. I ended up switching to a bigger antenna and it tuned fine. Not a bad antenna, but just know that you might need a 4 or 5 foot model depending on your installation.