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Deep Hood Channel Mount


  • If you have a truck with a deep hood channel, this mount is universal and will support antennas up to 4'
  • Includes a lug-style antenna stud
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Firestik's Deep Hood Channel Mount is ideal for vehicles with deep hood channels, such as Chevy or Ford trucks. However, this mount is universal and can mount in either a hood or trunk channel, so long as the mounting surface is flat. This mount can support antennas up to 4' tall and includes a lug-style antenna stud, which requires a terminal or ring-style coax cable.

Model / SKU:Firestik SS174
Recommended for:Vehicles with a deep hood or trunk channel. This mount is typically used with full-sized Chevy and Ford trucks, but can also be easily attached to a trunk rail.
Compatible with:
All fiberglass and center-load antennas that use a standard 3/8" x 24 threaded base and are up to 4' tall. Lug stud requires a terminal or ring-style CB coax.
Installation Notes:
The mount installs on the hood rail inside the engine compartment. It can be attached using either new or existing bolt holes in the hood rail. The bracket measures 2.9" (74cm) from the mounting base to the top of the bracket. The height from the mounting base to the first bend is 2.1" (53mm), so the mount can be used on channels with depths up to 2" (51mm).
Mount Location:
Hood / Fender, Trunk / Hatch
Stud Type:
Lug (Ring and Terminal)
Material:Stainless Steel
Product Includes:Mount and lug-style stud
Antenna and coax sold seperately

These stainless steel Firestik mounts attach to the inside channel of your hood or trunk. They won't leave visible mounting holes, because all mounting hardware (also stainless steel) is hidden inside the hood or trunk channel. Mount includes an antenna mounting stud. Many of the newer Ford and Chevy pickups have a deep hood channel. This mount is ideal for those vehicles, but it isn't limited to pickups. It can be used on just about any vehicle with a hood and/or trunk. The bracket measures 2.9" (74cm) from the mounting base to the top of the bracket. The height from the mounting base to the first bend is 2.1" (53mm), so it can be used on channels with depths up to 2" (51mm). The mount may be used with heavy-duty antennas up to 48" (122cm).



Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Tom T.
Installed on 2011 Toyota Tacoma

I had to do a couple of very minor bends to the mount, but it works and looks great with my 4' Firestick Firefly. It solved the problem of where to mount the antenna with a slide on truck camper which prevented me from mounting the antenna anywhere else. Would suggest it for anyone looking for a hood channel mount for their Tacoma. I

Aaron H.
Fits 2019 Subaru Forester

Easy install to 2019 Subaru Forester. Mounted to the passenger side of the hood with factory bolts. Had to remove the plastic inner guard from the car and loosen a single bolt to slide this in. I did have to bend it a little bit to make it straight and to match the lines of the car. Also be sure to add a shim or clear protective covering to both sides of the mount before you fit it to your car to protect the paint. A small square of 3m clear vinyl worked for me. Easy work! Highly suggested. VERIFIED FIT in 2019 Forester.

Leon D.

very good product!!! Yet another excellent shopping experience with Right Channel!!!!!

It's OK.
Not what I needed

It is an ok product if it was what I needed. it didn't fit my application because GM went to an overlap style hood. This was not specified in the title or fitment (it just said"GM truck". I'm sure it would have worked otherwise.

Deep Cannel Mount
Deep Channel Mount!

Had to do a little modification but it worked out fine. The mount is being used on a Subaru Forester. I went with this mount w/c the universal would have stuck out of the hood another 1 1/2 or so. I still think i would have had to touch it up as well so it wouldn't that be rube n the hood.