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Firestik Dome Mount Kit


  • Everything you need to create a permanent, rugged antenna mount
  • Kit includes the Firestik Dome Mount and 18' of FireRing coax
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With this kit, you'll get the versatile Firestik Dome Mount plus 18' of FireRing coax cable. The dome mount creates a permanent, rock-solid CB antenna mounting surface that can accommodate antennas up to 5' tall, including fiberglass and medium-sized trucker antennas like the Wilson 2000. The included Firestik CB coax cable has a ring-style connection that takes up very little space and is ideal for installations where a headliner will be reinstalled.

Model / SKU:Firestik MK-DM18R or (DM4 + K4-8R18)
Recommended for:Pickups and commercial/industrial vehicles. Ideal for applications requiring a permanent, secure mount that can accomodate larger CB antennas up to 5' tall.
Compatible with:
All fiberglass and center-load antennas that use a standard 3/8" x 24 threaded base.
Installation Notes:
Note: The PL-259 connector (radio screw-on end) is supplied in this kit, but is NOT installed on the coax cable. This allows the cable to be routed into the vehicle through a smaller (0.375") hole. After the connector is placed on the coax, the center must be soldered to the PL connector.

Installation requires drilling a 1/2" hole on the mounting surface. Mount is 2" tall and uses a one-piece insert and rubber gasket to ensure longevity and a leak-free installation.
Mount Location:
Flat Surface (Roof, Bumper)
Stud Type:
Lug (Ring and Terminal)
Product Includes:Firestik DM4 dome mount
18' of FireRing coax cable

As you would expect, Firestik takes the popular dome mount to the next level! Instead of using a multipiece mold insert, Firestik designed its mounts with a one-piece insert. This eliminates the chances of developing internal resistance and water leaks through the center that can corrode connections or ruin the inside of your vehicle. Firestik molded this piece using glass-reinforced nylon for durability, strength and longevity.

The dome mount is made to fit a standard 1/2" (13mm) hole, so you can use it on all common mounts (mirror mounts, flat mounts, stake hole mounts, etc.) or by itself as a stand-alone mount. Each model includes a rubber seal and an underside support washer. These mounts have a 2" (51mm) diameter base and, when installed with the rubber seal in place, stand a little over 2" (52mm) tall.



Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Perry T.
F150 rooftop dome mount.

The rooftop dome mount worked and tuned up great with a 4 foot Firestick mounted on 2016 Ford F150 aluminum roof top center HOWEVER the antenna made a loud wind noise at 40mph and above. Also tried a 102 inch whip which made noise sounding like a whining turbo fan jet engine. I wouldn't recommend a roof top mount. Next I'll try installing dynamat or foam above headliner onto roof. I removed headliner which wasn't too difficult.

Matthew B.
Easy to use

Easy and clean install. Real tight to the antenna good clearance underneath. Nice touch that the excess antenna lead can be removed. Definitely will use again.

Paul H.
Kit works as described

Instructions are a bit incorrect. The manufacturer has an up to date gif and instructions for the entire kit here:

Leslie R.
Excellent and looks great!

I mounted three of these on three different Jeep Cherokee XJs. Paired them to 4' Fire Sticks and heavy duty springs for the low hanging branches. Installation was easy with one drilled hole. The coax is easy to run and hide and the cool ring that you use to put everything together worked great. Just pay attention to how you put it in. The side with a lip goes up toward the mount and big silver washer ground. Also clean all the paint off the roof inside the vehicle so the silver washer makes a good ground contact. The connector was easy enough to put on following the directions. You will have to solder the center connector so be prepared to do that. IT is easy enough if you have the soldering gun.
Right off they all showed a SWR of 2 or less on both sides. We got them down to 1.5 with a little fine tuning with ease. Did some range testing and in our suburbian jungle we got 6 miles crystal clear and then it started to deteriorate. Stopped there since that was far enough for us to begin with. I recommend this to anybody that has a metal roof that will give a good ground plain.

Excellent performance with nothing too fancy

A great mount and coax. The FireRing really works well when space is an issue. Better than lugs. Also I would bet that the dome mount can hold a 102" whip.