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President Bill II Jeep & Off-Road CB Radio Kit Best Seller


  • An all-in-one install that’s got everything you need for a full 4x4 setup
  • Built around the President Bill II AM/FM - our #1 radio for off-road use
  • Seven mounting options ensure compatibility with just about any vehicle

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We get it. There’s few feelings greater than hopping in your vehicle and escaping. We know what it’s like to hit the perfect trail with nothing but clear skies ahead. We love the freedom in covering terrain near and far, but sometimes you need more than tires with grit and adrenaline coursing through your veins. There’s the occasional mechanical woe or the need to connect with (or harass) others in your group. But we’ve got you covered with our complete President Bill II AM/FM kit that comes with everything you need for a full off-road install. Don’t waste time piecing the best package together bit by bit. Instead, trust us when we say this is one of the best trail-ready packages on the market. (Have a JK or FJ?  Check out our custom Jeep JK Package and FJ Cruiser Package.)


Model / SKU:President Bill II AM/FM Jeep & Off-Road Kit
Recommended for:Jeep and off-road users who need a durable, long-lasting CB system. This package features multiple Jeep-specific mounts that attach to the hood, tail light or spare tire carrier (see "Mounting Hardware" for compatibility). This kit is also useful for light truck drivers, as the compact radio fits easily in a small cab, and the three-way mount can easily attach to the pickup bed rail. If you drive an FJ Cruiser, choose the Bandi mount, which attaches to the hinge of the tailgate with no drilling.
Radio:This kit is built around the President Bill II AM/FM handheld CB Radio. This ultra-compact CB radio is nearly the same size as your iPhone and includes a quick release bracket for easy removal. Tuck the radio away in a tight space and control channels with the 6-pin mic. With NOAA weather and channel scanning, what more can you ask from a tiny radio?

The kit provides two antenna options:

  • Firestik FS: The Firestik FS series is the most popular fiberglass CB antenna on the market today. It doesn't offer the flexibility of the Wilson Flex, but it does provide significantly better transmit and receive performance. Also, you can add a CB spring to the antenna and mount to provide limited flexibility if desired. If optimal range is most important, the Firestik FS antenna is a better choice than the Wilson Flex.
  • Wilson Flex: On the trail, it's convenient to have an antenna that can survive getting snagged, bent, bowed and abused. Subsequently, we picked an antenna that can bend 180 degrees without breaking: the Wilson Flex. These 3' and 4' antennas provide superior protection against snapping and hold up well to the rigors of off-road use. While flexible, they don't offer the same level of transmit and receive performance that a traditional fiberglass antenna like the Firestik FS does. If flexibility is most important -- and long-range communication isn't crucial -- the Flex is a good choice.
Mounting Hardware:

We include a choice of six mounting kits to give you optimal flexibility and customization. All kits include a quality CB antenna mount plus a high-grade CB coax cable. Three mounting options are included in the price of the kit, while custom Jeep and FJ mounts are available as a $19.95 upgrade. Please see the links below for individual mounting kit details.

Mounting Options:

Additional Information:
This kit also includes an external speaker and SWR meter.

External Speaker: The Cobra's small speaker can occasionally be difficult to hear, especially over the roar of a revving Jeep engine. That's why we include a compact external speaker to ensure clear communication in noisy environments. The speaker comes with a mounting bracket for easy installation anywhere in the vehicle cab. Note: Speaker may differ slightly from picture.

SWR Meter & Jumper: Every kit includes an SWR meter and coax jumper to tune your antenna for optimal performance. If you're not familiar with the tuning process, you can read why it's important and how to do it properly at the CB Resources page.
Product Includes:
  • Compact external speaker
  • Standard SWR meter and jumper cable

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 68 reviews
        Robert S.
        Jeep kit

        Everything I needed to do the job right works great

        Chris L.
        Great for the jeep

        Great little package, everything you could need right at your finger tips

        16 JKU perfect fit

        Great set-up. Perfect fit for my 16 JKU. Needs modifications for proper grounding but able to get everything set up easily. Mounted box behind glovebox. Ran power through passenger door to battery. Ran coax from antenna through tailgate down passenger doors to box. Recommend 3' antenna with separate disconnect for jku install. Perfect for my use

        Cara I.
        Would Purchase Again

        The Cobra radios we purchased are good quality, and we are using them in all of our County equipment. We would purchase again from Right Channel Radios.

        All the right stuff

        Right Channel puts all the right stuff in one package so u seriously don't need to worry. Installing was a breeze. I was surprised to find that the antenna connection instructions recommend soldering. I took the opportunity to buy a soldering gun and practice on scrap wire before making the final connection. Great products and great service. I added an antenna spring and CB mount. It is not cool to have the CB sliding around the center console - I tried it.