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Wilson Flex Antenna Best Seller


  • Extremely flexible design is a great option for off-road antennas that often take a thrashing
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There are a lot of things in life that aren’t flexible - when your taxes are due, your wife’s Christmas list - but the Wilson Flex will go whichever way the wind takes it. If you love to off-road or drive through thick brush but hate the beating your antenna takes, the Wilson Flex is the ideal choice for any low-hanging obstacles that may get in your way. This antenna is built to flex up to 180 degrees without snapping or breaking. Features an integrated tunable tip that makes it easy to set your SWR. The Wilson Flex is only available in a 4' length. If you are looking for a flexible antenna that is shorter, consider the 2' or 3' Fiberglass Flex Antenna.

Model / SKU:Wilson FLEX 4'
Recommended for:Drivers who frequently encounter low-hanging branches or other obstacles that could hit the antenna. Although the Flex can take the thrashing, its flexible build does reduce its transmit performance. If you're more keen on getting maximum transmit range, we recommend using a traditional fiberglass antenna, such as the Firestik FS or Wilson Silver Load, with a spring instead.
Notable Features:180-Degree Flexibility, Tunable Tip
Compatible with:
All CB studs and mounts that use the industry-standard 3/8" x 24 thread.
Antenna Length(s):
Antenna Color(s):
Approximate Range:
Range(s) are provided for comparison purposes only and are subject to numerous installation and environmental variables. For more detailed information, please see our reference article on CB Radio Range.

  • 4' Wilson FLEX: 2 to 3 miles
Product Includes:Wilson Flex CB Antenna
Mount and coax cable sold separately

The Wilson Flex is extremely similar to the FGT series, with the added benefit of antenna flexibility. It's designed specifically for the CB user needing an antenna that can handle rigorous vibrations from a truck, rugged use and extreme changes in weather, and still perform well. The Wilson Flex has an exclusive impedance-matching transformer to give good SWR without sacrificing power gain. The Flex series includes a tunable tip, making antenna tuning as simple as twisting a knob. Wilson uses 22-gauge silver-plated wire to reduce resistive losses and increase performance. And if the Flex doesn't outperform your current similar antenna, Wilson will refund your money! (Please see manufacturer's website for full details.)


  • Flexible design protects antenna and mount while improving durability
  • Guaranteed to perform better than your current fiberglass antenna
  • Adjustable tip for quick and easy tuning
  • Includes antenna weather cap
  • 22-gauge silver-plated wire to reduce resistive losses
  • Compatible with weather channels
  • Exclusive impedance-matching transformer lead
  • One-year warranty

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