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Cobra Hands-Free CB Microphone


  • An ideal solution for drivers that need to talk hands-free
  • Compatible with all 4-pin CB radios
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Cobra's new CA MS4 remote CB microphone system allows you to talk on your CB radio hands-free. Place the headset on top of your head or around your neck, strategically position the push-to-talk button close to your gear shift or steering wheel, and you will never have to take your hands off the controls of your vehicle while talking on your CB! This mic system is the ideal solution for drivers who want to talk hands-free.

Model / SKU:Cobra CA MS4
Product Details:Ideal for the driver who wants to talk hands-free, the CA MS4 remote CB system includes a noise-canceling boom microphone, headset with retractable cord, versatile push-to-talk button mounted via a Velcro strap, and a junction box that attaches the remote system to your CB radio. This heavy-duty remote CB system is great for commercial, industrial and general CB use.
Compatible with:
Virtually all CB radios. The remote system plugs into the 4-pin microphone jack or adapter.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Wayne B.
This product allows you to

This product allows you to keep both hands on the controls of the equipment for a safer environment for everyone.

Michael T.
New hands free CB

These units work well, we have many in our car club. This model was for a friend and has a wired headset and is a bit simpler than the Bluetooth model. The only thing I see with this model is people getting out of the car and forgetting they are plugged in. I have the Bluetooth model in my car and it has to be charged with a USB port. I have never run the battery down enough to be an issue. It can take a minute or 2 to connect. Most people don’t realize at first that you don’t hear thru this headset, you only use the mike. Sound still comes thru the radio or external speaker. Most of us wear it around our collar instead of over the head, more comfortable and the hats and earmuffs fit better.

Jerry A.
I love it its working good

I am a preacher and I preach to truckers every Sunday morning on the CB this hands free is a blessing thank you Cobra

Tim F.
Works good

I operate an excavator, and I zip tied the head set to the side of me and mounted the button to a joystick. I'm in and out often so wearing it was inconvenient, but dealing with 5 to 7 dump trucks , it make life more efficient.

Gina Rousselle

Not yet received it.