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Firestik KW CB Antenna


  • The Firestik KW can be used in single and dual antenna applications and is a great choice for your car, truck or SUV
  • This antenna requires you to clip the wire for tuning the SWR

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The original Firestik antenna, the Firestik KW has been on the road since 1975. It's a wire-wound antenna and features a custom-blended glass fiber reinforced shaft to create a good balance of flexibility and strength. Unlike the Firestik FS or Firefly antennas, the KW does NOT have a tunable tip. Tuning the SWR of this antenna requires clipping the antenna wire to the proper size. For an easier tuning experience, we recommend the Firestik FS antenna, which has an easy-to-adjust tuning screw in the tip.

Model / SKU:Firestik KW 2, 3, 4, 5
Recommended for:Single or dual antenna applications. The Firestik KW is a great choice for your car, truck or SUV.
Notable Features:Wire-wound antenna, Built in the USA, 5-year warranty
Compatible with:
Antenna uses male 3/8" x 24 thread and is compatible with all standard CB studs and mounts.
Antenna Length(s):
  • 2' (100 watt rating)
  • 3' (300 watt rating)
  • 4' (400 watt rating)
  • 5' (500 watt rating)
Antenna Color(s):
Black, White, Blue, Red
Approximate Range:

Range(s) provided are for comparison purposes only and are subject to numerous installation and environmental variables. For more detailed information, please see our reference article on CB Radio Range.

  • 2' Length: 2 to 3 miles 
  • 3' Length: 3 to 4 miles 
  • 4' Length: 4 to 6 miles 
  • 5' Length: 5 to 7 miles 
Product Includes:Firestik KW CB antenna
Mount and coax cable sold separately

The Firestik KW is the most popular wire-wound CB antenna in the world. This is the original Firestik design, and a proven performer since 1975. The KW antennas are compatible with autos, trucks, vans, motorcycles and ATVs in a single antenna configuration when metallic ground plane is available. Or, they can be used in dual (co-phased) configuration on any vehicle made from any type of material. Like all CB antennas, the KW antennas require fine-tuning (SWR) in their final mounting location. The loading coil on all KW antennas is easily accessible for precise SWR adjustments. All KW antennas exceed the requirements of any CB radio, new or old. Aside from the high-performance loading coil that maximizes the transmit/receive functions of your CB, these top-loaded antennas will also receive the NOAA emergency weather alert and national weather broadcasts for radios with those features.

The KW antennas are 100% American made with 100% American materials. To maintain a balance between flexibility and ruggedness, Firestik uses a custom-blended glass fiber reinforced shaft. Each is wound with heavy insulated copper wire to prevent the oxidation and shorted windings often found on non-Firestik antennas. The 3/8"-24 threaded base has a tapered contact point that works especially well with Firestik mounts and accessories. The tapered "lug-nut" effect transfers stress away from the threads and reduces the possibility of vibration induced loosening of the antenna in its mount. Each antenna is covered with a static-reducing, water-tight sleeve containing UV and pigment stabilizers. For peak performance, we recommend you use one of our 18' Fire-Flex coaxial cables with these antennas.

ALL antennas, regardless of style or manufacturer, MUST be tuned after installation on the vehicle. Transmitting antennas are not "plug-n-play" devices.

  • Five-year limited warranty


Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Mark Pivik

Great products, work fantastic, very dependable.

Shawn A.
Seemed to work great and looked fantastic while I had it.

Well it looked super on my truck but I lost it the second time I took my truck out. I had a quick disconnect on it so it would fit in the garage. I laid it on the truck bed and forgot about it until I was a couple miles down the road. Someone picked it up before I got to it.


Awesome antenna works really good when away from the city and easy to tune it, highly recommend for anybody out there that is looking for an antenna.

cb antenna

Received in a timely manner. . However when we went to tune the antenna to the radio, there was no tuning screw, don't know if it was missing. . . or no longer needed.

The Firestik KW does not have a tuning screw. If you want the antenna with the tunable tip, you'll need the Firestik FS.

Fire stick

Seems to be a pretty good antenna. .