Car & SUV CB Equipment

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  • Our Car & SUV recommendations below can be easily installed and quickly removed when not needed
  • Magnetic antennas are the easiest / most popular type to use and install 
  • Easily removable radios with cigarette adapters - like the Midland 75-822 - are very popular in passenger vehicles
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Firestik Door Jamb CB Antenna Mount

Door Jamb CB Antenna Mount


Versatile enough to mount on any vehicle door or to a tailgate hatch

President New York CB Antenna

President Virginia CB Antenna


Low-profile & modern pre-tuned magnetic antenna with an adjustable antenna angle

President Johnny III in Orange Display

President Johnny III


Compact & rugged 12/24-volt CB radio with a host of features

Best Seller (President McKinley SSB CB Radio, Front view with microphone)

President McKinley SSB


The most rugged SSB CB radio in the market

Best Seller K40 CB Antenna Coil

K40 Magnet CB Antenna


The ease of a magnetic installation without sacrificing performance at 58" tall

President Andy II | Right Channel Radios

President Andy II


Compact CB with NOAA Weather Channels

Fuse Tap Kit

Fuse Tap for CB Installation


Ideal for CB users who want a quick, easy install that doesn't involve wiring their CB to their vehicle's 12-volt power source

CB Antenna Molded Side Mount

CB Molded Side Mount


This factory looking mount makes your CB antenna look like a natural extension of your vehicle

Best Seller Cobra 50 HH WX ST Handheld CB Radio

Cobra HH 50 WX ST Handheld


Cobra's new handheld CB, replacing the popular Cobra HH 38 WX ST Handheld radio

K30 CB Antenna Specs

K30 Magnet Mount CB Antenna - 35"


A high-performance CB that’s easy to install, easy to remove and made right here in the USA

Cobra HHRT50 WX ST CB Radio

Cobra HH 50 WX ST Road Trip Handheld


Cobra's new handheld CB, replacing the popular Cobra HH 38 WX ST Handheld radio

President Randy FCC

President Randy FCC


New & Modern Handheld Radio with Rechargeable Battery

Procomm CB Antenna

ProComm Fiberglass CB Antenna


An affordable fiberglass CB antenna that can fit into any install budget

Heavy-Duty CB Antenna 5-inch Magnet Mount

Heavy-Duty CB Antenna Magnet Mount


Rated at 95 lbs. of pulling strength, this magnet will never fly off at top speed

Midland 1001 LWX CB Radio Front View with Microphone

Midland 1001 LWX


A full-featured compact radio at an excellent price

Best Seller Firestik 3-Way Mount and Coax Cable Kit

Firestik 3-Way CB Mounting Kit


Our most popular CB antenna mount with versatile mounting options

Firestik Door Jamb CB Antenna Mount Kit

Door Jamb CB Antenna Mount Kit


Everything you need for installation on your vehicle door in one easy kit

Best Seller Cobra 29 and Wilson Antenna CB Kit

Cobra 29 and Wilson CB Antenna Package


This install-ready kit includes two of our bestsellers: the Cobra 29 and Wilson Mag-mount antenna

Universal CB Antenna Hood Mount with Coax Cable

Universal Hood CB Mounting Kit


Choose this general purpose mount for hood, trunk or hatchback mounting

K40 Trunk Lip CB Antenna

K40 Trunk Lip CB Antenna


A versatile, high performance antenna that can be installed on your vehicle lip or roof

Wilson FGT CB Antenna Kit

Wilson FGT Silver Load Hood Kit


Everything but the radio comes with this hood channel mounting kit

Cobra Magnet CB Antenna - 37

Cobra Magnet CB Antenna - 37"


A convenient and transferable antenna that can be moved and attached to your vehicles with ease

President Johnson II - Front View with Blue display

President Johnson II


Feature Rich 12/24-volt CB radio

Cobra 29 LX Max

Cobra 29 LX Max


Sync your Smartphone to the Cobra 29 LX Max for safe hands-free communication