How to Set Up a Base Station CB System

Galaxy DX 2547 Base Station CB Radio

Want to make sure you're always connected, even from your home, garage or shop? Base Station CB systems are not complicated to install, but there are a few things you should know. So, let's get into it.

First, you need a radio system that works off of AC power. Most CB radios are designed for vehicles that are powered by DC 12-volt power systems. To get a CB radio for your home or office, your first choice is to buy a CB that's designed for AC power, such as the Galaxy DX 2547. While this Galaxy radio works great and is perfect for a business that's going to use the radio a lot, it's expensive and not the best choice for someone who's looking for an affordable system for occasional use.

To save on cost, you can use any mobile CB radio in your base station setup if you add a power supply to your system. A 5-amp power supply works great for powering a 12-volt CB radio. You can pair this power supply with any mobile CB radio, including popular models such as the Cobra 29 LTD, President McKinley SSB, and the Galaxy 959 SSB. As always, choose the radio based on the features you need, such as SSB, weather channels, talkback, etc.

Next, you will need a standard base station antenna that is ideal for getting maximum range. The Maco V58Procomm PT99 and Antron 99 are excellent antennas and either include a ground plane kit or have a kit that can be added to the order. Ground plane kits add radials that come off the bottom of the base antenna. They are normally 4'-6' in length and greatly improve the performance of your base station antenna.

If you're looking for something that's not 18-feet tall and needs to be installed outside, the Firestik IBA serves as an excellent base antenna for emergency use. The Firestik Indoor Base Antenna includes the coax cable, but standard base antennas do not. We recommend extended lengths of RG8X cable for these types of base installations.

Lastly, want a mic that's made for your workbench? This Astatic Base CB Microphone is a great choice.

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