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1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler Fender Mount

Jeep Wrangler CB Antenna Hood Mount (1997 - 2006)


Built specifically for the overhanging hood of older Wranglers, this mount offers a clean, professional looking install

Best Seller Firestik FS CB Antenna Kit

Firestik FS CB Antenna Kit


Our #1 selling CB antenna kit features premium components made in the USA

Best Seller Wilson Flex CB Antenna

Wilson Flex Antenna


Extremely flexible design is a great option for off-road antennas that often take a thrashing

Best Seller Midland 75-822 CB Radio

Midland 75-822


The best of both handheld and mobile CBs with this go-anywhere rig that comes with a full car kit and a battery pack

Best Seller Firestik SS64A 3-Way CB Antenna Mount

Firestik 3-Way CB Mount


Our most popular CB antenna mount due to its versatility and durability

Best Seller Firestik 3-Way Mount and Coax Cable Kit

Firestik 3-Way CB Mounting Kit


Our most popular CB antenna mount with versatile mounting options

3-way CB Antenna Mirror Mount

3-Way CB Antenna Mirror Mount


A versatile mounting option to attach a CB antenna to any vertical surface, horizontal or vertical bar.

Firestik Grabber CB Antenna Mount

Grabber Mount for CB Antennas


Attach this mount to virtually anything with an exposed edge

Wide Flat CB Antenna Mount

Wide Flat CB Antenna Mount


This heavy-duty universal mount attaches to any flat surface using bolts or screws

Best Seller Firestik PL-259 Antenna Stud

CB Antenna Stud Mount (PL-259)


Our bestselling stud, recommended for all general CB applications

CB Ball Mount and Spring

CB Ball Mount and Spring


Ideal for large CB antennas that require a heavy-duty, adjustable antenna mount

Best Seller RG8X Coax Cable

Premium RG8X CB Coax - 9' or 18'


This extra-beefy RG8X coax is resistant to kinks, cuts, door slams & mother nature

Best Seller Firestik FireRing Coax Cable with FME Connector

Firestik FireRing CB Coax with FME - 18'


Our most versatile coax cable has a ring-style connection that’s perfectly suited for low-profile installations

Wilson Coax Cable with FME Connector & Boot

Wilson CB Coax with FME & Boot - 18'


A rugged, weather-resistant cable that features a screw-off FME connector & weather boot

Best Seller SWR Meter & Jumper Cable

SWR Meter with Jumper Cable


Everything you need to tune your CB antenna once installed

Uniden BC23A 15-watt amplified external speaker | Right Channel Radios

Amplified 15-watt external speaker


Amplified speaker for the loudest working conditions

Best Seller Compact External CB Radio Speaker

Compact 5-Watt Speaker


Small but mighty, this compact speaker is loud enough to increase clarity of incoming transmissions

Firestik Flat Universal CB Antenna Mount

Firestik Flat Universal CB Antenna Mount


Your application options are endless with this universal mount, one of the most versatile options around

Grounding Strap for CB Antenna Mounts

Grounding Strap for CB Antenna Mounts


A necessary accessory if you plan to mount a CB antenna onto a poorly grounded or non-grounded area

Procomm Single CB Antenna Kit

ProComm Single CB Antenna Kit


Our most affordable single antenna kit

Best Seller Firestik Medium CB Antenna Spring

Medium CB Antenna Spring


Designed for antennas up to 3’ tall, this durable spring protects your antenna, mount and vehicle

Firestik CGA Installation Grommets

Firestik CGA Installation Grommets


These grommets protect your cable from damage when you're threading through sharp areas

Black Coax Boot

Black Coax Boot


Fits over your PL-259 coax connection and protects it from dirt, dust and mud

102" Whip CB Antenna Clip / Tie Down

102" Whip Antenna Clip / Tie Down


Hold your 102" whip antenna in place with this unique antenna clip