Equipment by Vehicle: Universal


Equipment by Vehicle: Universal

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10-Watt Heavy-Duty Speaker Front View

10-Watt Heavy-Duty Speaker


A great option for an external speaker if you need a little more than what you have with your current CB

Best Seller 102" Whip CB Antenna

102" CB Antenna Whip


Hands down the best performing mobile CB antenna you can buy

102" Whip CB Antenna Clip / Tie Down

102" Whip Antenna Clip / Tie Down


Hold your 102" whip antenna in place with this unique antenna clip

Best Seller 3-Pin Cigarette CB Power Cord

3-Pin CB Cigarette Power Adapter


Power your radio easily without any complicated wiring

3-way CB Antenna Mirror Mount

3-Way CB Antenna Mirror Mount


A versatile mounting option to attach a CB antenna to any vertical surface, horizontal or vertical bar.

Best Seller Universal CB Antenna Hood Mount

Adjustable Universal Hood Mount


Our most popular general-purpose mount for hood, trunk or hatchback mounting

Best Seller Amplified 20-Watt PA Horn

Amplified 20-Watt PA Horn


Almost 3x as loud as non-amplified horns (ie - horns powered just by the radio)

Astatic 636L CB Microphone - Black

Astatic 636L CB Microphone


A dynamic noise-canceling mic to improve overall sound quality

Black Coax Boot

Black Coax Boot


Fits over your PL-259 coax connection and protects it from dirt, dust and mud

10-Watt PA Horn

Black Weatherproof CB PA Horn - 10 Watt


This weatherproof horn has 10 watts of power, perfect to mount in your car, SUV or pickup

Cable Ties

Cable Ties


Organize your coax cable, power cords and other stragglers with our 100-pack of cable ties

CB Antenna Mirror Mount with Heavy-Duty Stud

CB Antenna Mirror Mount with Heavy-Duty Stud


A long-lasting mirror mount that can support a large CB antenna, ideal for professional drivers

Best Seller Firestik PL-259 Antenna Stud

CB Antenna Stud Mount (PL-259)


Our bestselling stud, recommended for all general CB applications

CB Antenna Ball Mount and Heavy-Duty Spring

CB Ball Mount and Spring


Ideal for large CB antennas that require a heavy-duty, adjustable antenna mount

CB Antenna Molded Side Mount

CB Molded Side Mount


This factory looking mount makes your CB antenna look like a natural extension of your vehicle

Best Seller Speco 15 Watt Aluminum PA Horn

CB PA Speaker - 15 Watt


Heavy-duty aluminum weatherproof construction and 15-watts of output power

CB Radio Headset

CB Radio Headset


This headset plugs into your CB's external speaker jack so you can hear incoming transmission

Best Seller Cobra 148 GTL Stock Image

Cobra 148 GTL


Enjoy the benefit of long-range SSB communications in a no-frills, super reliable unit

Cobra 18 WX ST NGP RV & Motorhome CB Radio Kit

Cobra 18 RV CB Package


An RV package that includes everything you need for a quality CB and antenna installation

Cobra 18 WX ST Stock Photo

Cobra 18 WX ST II


Ideal for in-dash installations, this CB features a front speaker and is a favorite with RV and motorhome owners

Best Seller Cobra 25 LTD CB Radio

Cobra 25 LTD


The toughest midsize CB on the market with RF gain and PA function

Cobra 25 LX Front View with Microphone

Cobra 25 LX


Perfect for CB users looking for a midsize radio with a full CB feature set and huge display

Cobra 25 NW LTD CB Radio Front View

Cobra 25 NW LTD


For night drivers looking for a dependable CB radio with a solid feature set

Best Seller Cobra 25 NW WX CB Radio

Cobra 25 WX NW ST


Features a backlit display for easy night operations & weather channels to stay on top of changing conditions