Cobra 29 LTD Bluetooth BT


  • Syncs with your cell phone so you can make hands-free calls from the road
  • Perfect for truck drivers who want a single communication device
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*This model has been discontinued and replaced by the Cobra 29 LX BT

Synchronize your cell phone with the new Cobra 29 LTD Bluetooth CB radio and enable hands-free phone calls. Bluetooth technology merged with the long-lasting Cobra 29 CB radio is a winning combination for professional drivers. Monitor CB communication and easily place or receive phone calls with the press of a button on the Bluetooth CB microphone. The Cobra 29 BT CB radio can also redial the number of the last call you placed. 

Model / SKU:Cobra 29 LTD BT
Recommended for:Use in pick-up trucks, semi trucks and other vehicles with ample room for mounting a full-sized radio. Ideal for CB users who want a quality radio with a full feature set that can sync via Bluetooth to their cell phones for hands-free use.
Radio Features:Public Address, Built-in SWR, Bluetooth, Delta Tune, Dynamike Boost, High SWR Indicator, Instant Channel 9/19, Noise Reduction (NB/ANL), RF Gain, Tactile Controls
Compatible with:
Compatible with all CB antennas on the market. Cable connection utilizes standard CB PL-259 connection. Radio mounts with "U" mounting bracket to any flat surface.
Product Includes:
  • CB radio
  • Bluetooth microphone
  • Mounting bracket and screws
  • Fused power cord
  • Microphone hanger
Manufacturer Warranty:
Two Years
Radio Dimensions:
7.25" W x 8.63" D x 2.25" H
Download Manual:
To download / view the manual, please click here.

Cobra is giving professional drivers one more way to communicate safely and easily with the first-ever CB radio with Bluetooth technology: the new 29 LTD BT. The Bluetooth feature is great: When you receive an incoming call on your Bluetooth-equipped cell phone, you simply press a button on the CB's microphone, and the call is automatically answered by your CB radio! With the call now being routed through the CB, you can hear the caller through the CB's loud speaker and talk to him/her using your CB microphone -- no need to use the PTT button. Not only is this amazingly convenient, it makes talking to others on the phone while driving MUCH safer. Additionally, it allows you to make phone calls in areas where traditional cell phone operation is prohibited while driving.

This new unit offers 4 watts AM RF power output, the maximum amount of power allowed by law; Talk Back controls allowing drivers to adjust the desired amount of modulation talk back; a Blue Channel indicator displaying channel selection in cool blue illumination; and Delta Tune, used to clarify incoming signals. The 29 LTD BT is redefining the CB radio!

If you love Cobra's new Bluetooth feature but need a radio with a backlit display and weather, make sure to check out the Cobra 29 WX NW BT. Other Cobra 29 LTD Series models available include the Cobra 29 LTD Classic, the NightWatch Cobra 29 LTD, the NightWatch and Weather Cobra 29 LTD and the Chrome Cobra 29 LTD.

  • SWR Calibration - Allows calibration of antenna system for maximum performance
  • 9-Foot Microphone Cord - For easy reach within any area of the vehicle
  • Front Microphone Connector - Allows convenient installation in or under dash
  • Adjustable Dynamike Boost - Dynamically boosts microphone for increased voice clarity
  • Tactile Controls - Allows you to feel where the dial is in its rotation without taking your eyes off the road
  • PA Capability - Use your CB radio as a public address system with PA speaker; incoming signals can also be monitored through PA
  • RF Gain - Adjusts receive gain in weak and strong signal areas
  • Switchable Noise Blanker - For increased noise reduction
  • Dimmer Control - Adjusts brightness of the front panel, channel display and signal strength meter
  • 4 Watts AM RF Power Output - The maximum allowed by law
  • Antenna Warning Indicator - Illuminates when antenna needs checking
  • Instant Channel 9 - Instant access to emergency channel 9
  • Delta Tune - Used to clarify incoming signals
  • Talk Back - Used to adjust the desired amount of modulation talk back present at the speaker during transmit
  • Blue Channel Indicator - Displays channel selection in cool blue illumination
  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology - Allows you to make and receive phone calls through the CB radio with most Bluetooth phones.
  • One-Touch Bluetooth Operation - Allows answering and terminating of calls with a push of a button
  • Loud and Clear Incoming Audio - Phone calls can be heard through the 5-watt CB speaker
  • Noise Canceling Microphone - Enables crystal clear communication in a noisy environment
  • Auto Redial - One-touch redial of the last phone number dialed