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Cobra 29 Complete Pickup Package Best Seller


  • Everything you need to install a clean, custom-looking CB in your pickup
  • Universal mounting options easily accommodate any make and model of pickup

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Few vehicles command attention like a really sweet pickup. Whether you’re a Chevy man, a Ford fan or a Dodge devotee—this CB package can accommodate any make or model. It’s built around the customer favorite Cobra 29 LTD classic AM/FM CB radio and you’ll also receive the Firestik FS antenna, the most popular fiberglass antenna available and our top recommendation! This package doesn’t skimp on any features and comes with an antenna spring for protection, cigarette adapter for easy wiring and radio removal, and 18' of quality coax cable. It’s easy to install, offers optimal performance and will look right custom in your pickup.

Model / SKU:Cobra 29 LTDFM + MU8R18(except MK294R) + SS-3H + CB3AP + iKit

Recommended for:
Pickup truck drivers. Choose the mount that pairs with your truck length of antenna that meets your specific needs.


The Cobra 29 LTD classic with AM/FM is the best known and most popular line of CB radio in the industry. It's full feature set, durable construction, excellent reputation and two-year warranty have made it a perennial favorite with drivers for decades. 

    Antenna:This kit includes the most popular fiberglass CB antenna on the market: the Firestik FS CB Antenna. This is our best-selling fiberglass antenna because it performs well, is extremely durable and tunes up nicely. The tuning screw on top of the antenna makes adjusting the antenna for peak performance and low SWR simple. Usually sold separately, a Firestik stainless steel spring is also included to protect the antenna from damage. Available in 3' or 4' lengths, and comes in the colors black, white, blue or red.
    Mounting Hardware:

    We offer five different universal mounts which give you the option of installing your antenna in multiple locations. The universal hood, stake hole and vertical surface mounts will work great with standard pickups or heavy-duty commercial rigs. Each mount is made from stainless steel and will hold up to years of abuse. For a summary of all available mounting options, please see the chart below:

    CB Mounting Options - Complete Pickup Package

    Mounting Option Details:

    Additional Information:As anyone who has installed a CB can attest, the most challenging part is figuring out how to route the coax cable. Most coax has a large, bulky PL-259 connector attached to the end, which makes routing the coax through small openings impossible. While some coax comes with the PL-259 connection left off, the connector must be soldered on once the cable is routed. The included Ring FME coax solves both of these issues. When you're ready to route the cable, remove the bulky PL-259 connection simply by screwing it off and leaving the tiny FME end. Once the cable is routed, simply screw the PL-259 connection back on and you're finished! No need to drill large holes or hassle with messy and complicated soldering. NOTE: The internal stake hole mounting option does require PL-259 coax soldering. All other options use previously described FireRing FME coax.

    Cigarette Power Adapter: If you're not electrically inclined, hard wiring the power leads to your truck can be a confusing and frustrating process. That's why we've included a cigarette power adapter that will allow you to easily power your Cobra 29 series radio. The other end of the adapter plugs directly into the three-pin power connection on the back of the radio and requires no fussing around with bare wires. If and when you're ready to hard wire the power to your truck's electrical system, the kit also includes a standard three-pin power cord with unprocessed ends.
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews
    Mark Duncan

    Cobra 29 Complete Pickup Package

    Jonathan W.
    2019 Silverado Install

    Everything but the antenna came together. Customer service was quick to respond to my inquiry but shipping of the antenna took a week longer than the rest of the equipment. The hood mount I got won’t allow the hood to close so I had to use a different hood mount. Once installed, grounded correctly, and tuned, I’m getting 1.2-1.25 SWR. Everything sounds great, still learning how to set all the other knobs that I didn’t have with simpler radios.

    Robert M.
    Cobra 29 complete package

    This was a complete setup. Everything I needed to get the job done. performs great,I mean come on, its the workhorse of cobras. Awesome package!

    cobra 29 complete pickup package

    i have a 2017 chevy crew cab short box, this set-up works really good for me, but do your home work...on the swr tunning side of the install not only check with cobra on swr tune but go to fire stik web site and read "ALL" there is on your annt. both sites agree that the annt. is the most important part sooooo i tuned my cobra to the way fire stik said to tune it, AND EVERYTHING IS GOOD TO GO!!!!! with that said i did have to make some metal shims for the annt. mount to work AND fit properly... by the way what worked for me on the coax was mounting the cable on the top side of the fender mount, it just tune better!!! hope this helps and "ENJOY"!!!!!!!!!

    Phillip Joubert
    Excellent service

    I got the kit for my F-250 and everything fit perfect. Customer service is amazing. This is my second time working with them and definatly not my last. Great pricing, great customer service, and great products.