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2024 CB Radio Outlook

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2024 CB Radio Outlook

2023 was a unique year for the CB world and, for an industry that doesn't see a lot of change, that is saying something! See how the enhancements and refinements of last year are going to inform 2024.


The major change we saw was the rapid release of CB radios that have FM along with traditional AM after the FCC approved the usage of CBs on FM channels. Luckily, this new feature hasn't been reserved for only the full-size units, but you can find FM in a lot of smaller radios, such as the Cobra 75 All Road AM/FM and the President Bill II. FM is ideal for communication with less static, although you may sacrifice some range. Regardless of the pros & cons, it's refreshing to see some new things in the CB landscape.


Another big change was the launch of the Driver Extreme product line. The parts in their product line up are super heavy duty and fit under the "buy once, cry once" category of CB gear. If you haven't already, take a look at the size of the antenna studs, antennas, microphones and speakers in their lineup. These are parts that will last a lifetime!

Along with new brands entering the CB space, we've seen other brands cut back on their offering. Firestik recently made the move to focus on antenna production and let some of their long-standing coax cables and accessories discontinue. No worries for the RCR crowd though as we have some excellent Made-in-the-USA products filling in the gaps - check out our favorites from Procomm and Driver Extreme!


Outside of CB gear, we saw a lot of growth in the GMRS category in 2023 and expect continued growth in 2024. GMRS radios over 5 watts do require a FCC license, but it doesn't require a test, it’s inexpensive, and the license covers your immediate family for 10 years. If you'd like equipment that will operate at higher power and on a higher frequency (462 Mhz), take a look at our GMRS radios & antennas. Also, if you have a CB mount that you like, we have GMRS coax cables that can be adapted to fit in your current antenna mount.

Thanks for your business in 2023 and we hope we can continue to earn your trust in 2024!


Pat Haggerty

About the Author

As the owner and operator of Right Channel Radios, Pat Haggerty has been helping customers find the best radio solutions since 2008. He is highly knowledgeable in all mobile radio options and setups, including CB radios, GMRS radios, and HAM radios. His wide library of how-to and help articles is frequently referred to as one of the best resources for CB radio installations and technical support online. When he's not assisting radio enthusiasts online or on the phone, you can find Pat enjoying all that Montana's trails have to offer on his skis, mountain bike or Land Cruiser.

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