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Best Radios for Overlanding

Overlanding requires specific features from your radio: compact, tough as nails, and easy to use. These radios all fit that bill. Whether you're running CB or GMRS, here are our recommendations for the Best Radios for Overlanding:


Uniden Off-Road CMX760 | Right Channel Radios


Uniden has always been know for producing quality equipment that is built for the trail. We are very excited to see them bring an all-in-one handset CB to their offering as space is limited in most Jeep and 4x4 vehicles. A great off-road CB radio, the CMX760 is compact with a 7-color backlit display and controls along with memory channel scanning and NOAA weather channels. A perfect choice when space or mounting options are limited.

President Bill CB Radio | Right Channel Radios


The ultra-compact President Bill CB radio is perfect for Jeeps, Tacomas, UTV's and other small-cab vehicles. The radio is nearly the same size as your iPhone and includes a quick release bracket for easy removal. Tuck the radio away in a tight space and control channels with the 6-pin mic. With NOAA weather and channel scanning, what more can you ask from a tiny radio?

MXT400 MicroMobile Two-Way GMRS Radio | Right Channel Radios


Are your overlanding buddies running GMRS? This best-in-class GMRS radio pushes 40 watts and will keep you connected to all the rigs on the trail - even Jerry's broken down Land Rover at the trailhead. Whether you're on the radio or keeping in touch with rigs all across your working zone, the MTX400 will give you maximum range from a GMRS unit. (Keep in mind that this, along with all GMRS radios, requires a GMRS license for legal use.)

MXT275 MicroMobile Two-Way GMRS Radio | Right Channel Radios


Perfect for your Jeep, Tacoma or any other rig with limited cab space, the MXT275 has all the radio controls in the handset and allows you to mount the control box out of the way. This GMRS unit also has access to NOAA weather channels and will keep you in touch with the lead and cleanup vehicle through its 15 watts of transmitting power. Also included with the radio is a small 5" magnetic antenna, which will work for short range comms, but you'll need to upgrade to a larger antenna for greater range.


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