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Stryker SRA 10/20 Trucker Antenna


  • Built for professional drivers looking for a maximum range
  • Includes parts for a 10" or 20"  stainless steel lower shaft & 49" whip
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Stryker products are known for rugged reliability and the center-load SRA-1020 is no different. Uniquely designed to be used with either a 10" or 20" lower shaft, the SRA 1020 includes two 10" stainless steel lower shafts along with a coupler to connect both shaft pieces together for a 20" shaft if needed.  Use the longer shaft if you need the length to get the antenna coil over the roofline, or if you just want the antenna coil to be higher in the air. This is a wide band antenna that easily covers both 10 and 11 meter bands, 26.965 - 30 Mhz. Other notable features are the double waterproof coil cover, 10,000 watt rating, and 6 gauge silver plated coil. 

Model / SKU:SRA1020
Recommended for:Professional drivers who need a reliable, top-performing antenna. Most commonly mounted on semi trucks and commercial equipment, but can also be used on pick-up trucks with a heavy-duty mount.
Notable Features:10,000 watt rating, dual 10" shafts that can be connected for a 20" shaft, Stainless Steel Construction, Weather proof coil cover
Compatible with:
All standard 2/8 x 24 CB mounts & antenna studs. Due to the antenna's length and weight, we highly recommend a strong mount such as a heavy-duty mirror bar or 3-way mount
Antenna Length(s):
Antenna Color(s):
Black coil and stainless steel shaft
Approximate Range:
These are approximate ranges provided for comparison purposes only and are subject to numerous installation and environmental variables. For more detailed information, please see our reference article on CB Antenna Range Approximation.
  • Approximately 7 to 10 miles
Product Includes:54" center load antenna with adjoining 10" shafts
Mount and coax not included

Stryker SRA-1020 10,000 watt wide band center load 10/11 meter antenna is tunable for 26.965-30 Mhz band coverage. Features weather channel ready, a 6 gauge silver plated loading coil, double wall waterproof coil cover, air-wound outer coil is constructed of high impact mobay thermoplastic for ultimate absorption of vibration and protects antenna from harsh elements. Unique design reduces static interference. The heavy duty coil construction along with an adjustable stainless steel adjoining shaft and 49" stainless steel whip will provide years of trouble free service. 2 year factory warranty.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Awesome antenna

I like this antenna a ton. Upon hooking up, SWR was perfect without needing any changes. I only used one of the 10” masts. Signal TX range not yet tested but easily receiving 10+ miles away in hilly terrain. The light is also, despite a gimmick, really cool! Perfect compromise mid-point between a 102” whip and smaller 3 or 5’ option.

James J.

The Dosy trucker 1000 an the sra10 Stryker antenna was a great match with my Stryker 497hpc my swrs are below a 1.1 on all 40 channels thanks again RcR for the great prices

George Gilbert jr
No problems

My second Stryker antenna . No problems , love it .

Rocky J.
Awesome Antenna

Awesome antenna. And super easy to put together. Quick shipping as well !!

Rudolph R.

Very good coverage and the lights are cool