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Reducer for PL-259 Connector


  • Use this coax reducer to cut and solder a PL-259 connection onto your CB coax

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If you're planning to cut and solder a PL-259 connection onto CB coax, you'll need a coax reducer along with the PL-259 connection. Be sure to choose the proper reducer, as the size of RG58 coax differs from that of RG59 (dual antenna) or RG8X coax cable.

Model / SKU:PL-259 reducer
Product Details:These reducers are made from nickel-plated brass and are available in two sizes. One reducer is used with thinner RG-58 CB coax cable, while the other is used with larger cable, such as RG-59 (co-phased) and RG8X / mini-8 coax.
Compatible with:
All PL-259 connectors


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Stephen M.
Reducer for PL-259 Connector

I needed to make a coax assembly to feed a 102" CB antenna using RG8X cable. There are two reducers available, one for RG58 and one for RG8X cable and when I failed to find the drop down for the proper reducer I called Right Channel Radio for assistance. A very friendly associate pointed me in the right direction and even took my order over the phone. The reducers arrived quickly and worked perfectly.

Michael C.
Reduces for pl259

Yes was very satisfied with that and my whole order

Rudye S.

Fits rg8x perfect will buy more from them

William G.

Solid construction and a must have when using RG-58 fits perfect with enough space for the wire grounding to fit snugly. One suggestion is to place a piece of heat shrink over the adapter and connector to seal everything up and keep things in place.

John j.

Hey it did what it was supposed to do. Made my cable fit the PL-259 fitting correctly to the coax cable works like a charm. Planning to purchase some more here in the near future.