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President Adams


  • Brand new! Economy CB from President
  • Compact 40 Channel AM mobile radio
  • Large LCD with 7-color display
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This President's platform contains no frills & a get-'er-done attitude. Introducing the newest radio in the President line, the compact President Adams CB radio just hit the market with more features than you'd expect at this bargain price point. Slightly larger than your cell phone, this radio comes with an Electret mic and mounting cradle. Extend the radio's warranty to 5 years when purchased with a President Antenna.

Recommended for:Heavy-duty, no-frills applications. Confidently install in machinery, farm equipment, or off-roading rigs.
Radio Features:Large LCD with 7-color display, programmable EMG channel shortcuts, Roger beep and Key beep, Setting to select Electret/Dynamic mic, ASC and manual squelch, talkback
Compatible with:Compatible with all CB antennas on the market. Cable connection utilizes standard CB PL-259 connection. Radio mounts with "U" mounting bracket to any flat surface. 
Product Includes:


Ultra light electret mic with support

Mounting cradle & screws

Manufacturer Warranty:
Two Years OR Five Years with the purchase of a President Antenna
Radio Dimensions:
4.92"W x 5.94"D x 1.77"H / 125 x 151 x 45 mm
Download Manual:
To download / view the manual, please click here.  
  • Multi-function LCD Backlit Display with 7 color options - Change the color of the backlit display to red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, purple, and clear blue. 
  • Up/Down Channel Selector on Microphone
  • Manual Squelch/ASC- An optional function that allows the radio to manually or automatically squelch out static
  • Beep function, Roger Beep - Optional Roger beep that activates after keying the microphone
  • Digital S meter, ANL& Noise Blanker filters
  • Front mount 4-pin Microphone Electret/Dynamic
  • Programmable emergency channel
  • Talk-back
  • Rear External Speaker & PA jacks
  • Compact Size - Mounts easily in small-cab vehicles


Customer Reviews

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Dustin D.

Great radio. Transmits and recieve is great. Turned it up in the hidden menu