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Heavy-Duty Stud with Right Angle


  • Built to handle oversize antennas especially where space is tight
  • Features a right-angle coax connection
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This heavy-duty stud is designed for oversize antennas and features a right-angle coax connection. The right angle is ideal for installations where space is tight, making it difficult or impossible to attach the coax from directly beneath the stud. Built to endure stress and torque, this stud can be used with large antennas from Monkey Made or Predator, or with 102" whips.

Model / SKU:RA930
Recommended for:Large, heavy antennas such as Monkey Made, Predator or 102" whips. Right-angle coax connection is ideal for situations where space is limited below the stud.
Compatible with:
Accepts all fiberglass and center-load antennas with a 3/8" x 24 thread. SO-239 connection on the bottom is compatible with coax with PL-259 barrel-style ends. Designed for 1/2" stud holes, which are the industry standard on all CB mounts.
Installation Notes:
Although it's heavy-duty, this stud is only as strong as the mount or mounting surface it's coupled with, so please keep that in mind. If you're installing it on a flat surface without a mount, you should drill a 1/2" hole.
Mount Location:
Stud Type:
PL-259 (Barrel)
Product Includes:Heavy-duty stud
Mount, antenna and coax not included


Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Casimir Grys
Well made, and a thoughtful design. Good looking too!

The chrome plating is beautiful, the mass of it feels as good as it looks.
The right angle of it makes for a much cleaner look when routing coax for the installation.
This is a great product.
Yea. You should buy you some.

Darryl Bledsoe
Good stuff

Fast shipping and good quality

Ron Myers

They are junk

Lamar S.
Heavy duty right angle studd

Works great, made really well

Terry Round
More than heavy duty

If I would have known this part was out there it would have saved me the aggravation of mounting my antenna. The mount was MORE than heavy duty and arrived in days.