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Firestik CB Coax Dual Antennas (Terminal) - 18'


  • Intended for dual antenna installations with lug style mounts
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When it comes to CB antennas, we always think two are better than one. If you’re in the same school of thought as us, make sure you choose the right coax that can accommodate your ant farm. This RG-59 coax cable has a 95%+ shielding rating, which reduces signal loss and improves your transmission range. A stranded center conductor and polyvinyl insulation help the cable hold up against internal shorts and external wear. The cable is 18' long with two terminal ends that are compatible with lug-style studs, and side and ball mounts.

Model / SKU:Firestik K9
Coax Type:
RG-59 (Dual Antennas)
Connection Type:Terminal
Product Details:18' long
Two terminal connections
95% shielding
Stranded center conductor
Durable polyvinyl center
Compatible with:All CB radios. The terminal coax ends are compatible with lug-style studs, and ball and side mounts. Intended for dual antenna installations.
Warranty:One year

The quality of your communications relies on the quality of your coax. Firestik dual lead, co-phase harness assemblies are made from RG-59A/U Fire-Flex coaxial cable. They can be used on any dual antenna installation.

Firestik's co-phase harness is made with two 18' (5.5m) leads. All three ends of the cable assembly are terminated with PL-259 type connectors. This cable is designed for use with Firestik K-4A or R-4A antenna studs and any mounts that use either of these SO-239 stud mounts.


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Perry B.
Coax cable

By far the best cable I've ever worked with. It shapes and bends in place with wase. Not stiff like other cables.

Justin M.
Fire stick dual

Amazing product right Channel radio ship the product promptly everything worked as it should and I got an amazing radio with awesome dual coax that was effortless to install

Brian S.
Van radio upgrade

Loold heavy duty,will be great for my co-phased 102"whips on my 4x4 van

George B.
5 stars

Very good product

Tim S.
Dual coax antenna

Good length to be able to snake through dashboard and fenders Seems to be good quality, haven’t had it too long so can’t comment on longevity. Description adequately describes product