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Firestik CGA Installation Grommets


  • These grommets protect your cable from damage when you're threading through sharp areas
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If you're threading coax cable through a sharp metal hole or jagged surface, the Firestik grommets protect the cable from being damaged. Designed to attach inside a 3/8" hole, these plastic grommets wrap around the outer surface of the hole, creating safe passage for the coax.

Model / SKU:Firestik CGA Grommets
Product Details:Package includes four grommets (two for RG-58 coax and two for RG-59 coax). Note: To install the grommets, you'll need to bare one end of the coax cable, as the grommets will not fit over a coax connection. When installing the grommets, we recommend putting two at each hole. That way, if one gets damaged, you can cut it off and slip the other into place without needing to reprocess the end of the coax cable.
Compatible with:
RG-58 and RG-59 coax cable. The grommets will fit in a 3/8" hole.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Randal R.
Grommet Success

They worked great.

Hipolito C.
great tech advice

this guys know about all the tech questions.

Mark M.
Grommets Dry and curmbled

I had the same experience that Thomas C. had Drilled my 3/8 " hole fed the wire through just fine However when I went put the grommet into the hole it just split and then fell apart in my hands.

Thomas C.
grommets, waste of money

grommets were old and had hardened up, could not be used, broke into pieces while trying to install

Great product, but easier said than done.

Product works great, but installation takes some effort. You'll need to cut off one of the coax cable's PL-259 connectors which means de-soldering the shield and reusing, or ordering a solder-less replacement connector. Pulling the coax through the grommet is not easy to do without pulling the grommet right out of the hole in the firewall or body. After some frustration, I used a large washer with hole just big enough for the coax to pass freely. I held the grommet in place by pressing the washer against it while pulling the coax through.