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Heavy-Duty CB Quick Disconnect


  • Designed to support significant weight for large, heavy antennas
  • Makes antenna removal simple: simply press down and twist to remove
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This heavy-duty CB quick disconnect is intended for use with large, heavy antennas. Designed to support significant weight and torque, it's built from rust-resistant stainless steel and can be used with 5' or longer antennas like Monkey Made, Predator, 102" whips and other oversize antennas. Once installed, antenna removal is simple: Simply press down on the disconnect and twist, and your antenna is free!

Model / SKU:HDQD2-SS or QD2
Recommended for:Use with 5' or longer fiberglass CB antennas, and other large, heavy antennas including the 102" whip, Monkey Made, and Predator models.
Compatible with:
Virtually all fiberglass and center-loaded CB antenna. The female top accepts all antennas with a 3/8" x 24 thread. The male bottom is a standard 3/8" x 24 thread and will screw into any CB antenna stud.
Installation Notes:
Installation is easy -- no tools required! Screw the disconnect into any CB stud or mount, and then screw the antenna into the top of the disconnect. Disconnect can be used with an antenna spring; they're simply stacked/screwed on top of one another. This quick disconnect is about 2 ½”.
Mount Location:
Stud Type:
No Stud
Material:Stainless Steel
Product Includes:Heavy-duty quick disconnect accessory

Remove your antenna effortlessly with this heavy-duty quick release from Astatic. Made from stainless steel, this well-built quick release is extremely durable.


Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Terry Hart
Heavy-Duty CB Quick Disconnect? the perfect QD for my 5' Firestick.

The title says it all. Once you understand the small end is the end that is removable and the knurled part with its base is separate from the small end, then everything assembles easily and quickly. This unit works flawlessly and is more than enough for my Firestick.

Trudy Shindle

Heavy-Duty CB Quick Disconnect

Solid piece of kit

A must have when running a longer antenna.

Collin Bennett
Use with 102 whip

When used with a 102 inch whip antenna the disconnect has excessive play

Sandra Bouchey

Heavy-Duty CB Quick Disconnect