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Cobra Lapel Speaker & CB Microphone


  • This set is compatible with handheld CBs, perfect for industrial and commercial use
  • Push-to-talk feature makes it easy to transmit messages
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Model / SKU:Cobra PMRSM
Product Details:
  • Speaker and lapel microphone with PTT button
  • Compatible with Cobra HH38 and Midland 75-822 handheld radios
  • Includes earphone jack for using external earphones
  • 2-pin plug
Compatible with:
Compatible with the Cobra HH38, Road Trip and Midland 75-822 handheld CB radios.

Perfect for industrial and commercial applications, this lapel speaker microphone works nicely with compatible handheld CB radios. The unit features a push-to-talk button for easy transmitting, plus a built-in speaker to easily hear incoming transmission.


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Brian F.
Shoulder Talk

Not too heavy for an epaulet clip on or shirt button hole hem. The cord has a manageable length & is lightweight as well. The PTT is well defined and the audio is clear. I am satisfied with this; it's a good accessory.

Stephen M.
Cobra Lapel Speaker & CB Microphone

Purchased one of these from Right Channel to go with a Cobra handheld CB some time ago. Purchased this one to go with my VHF / UHF ham radio handheld after finding out how well they worked together. Right On Right Channel!

Jim M.
Works for me on Uniden PRO401HH

I've been looking for an external mic for my Uniden hand held and wasn't sure what kind of mic would work (No info on the Uniden website). Took a chance on this and it fits and works perfectly. It is small since it's meant to hang off a lapel and it's not as loud as the internal speaker or an external Astatic speaker I have. However, it's loud enough inside my Freightliner M2 tractor that I can hear other truckers clearly. I clip it to my seatbelt and that works well.

Speedy fulfillment from Right Channel -- another excellent experience.

Paul Bishop
Works as stated

Great necessity and it works well on my Midland 75-822 as well as on my Albrecht AE2990 AFS. I did modify mine to allow the regular speaker in the handhelds to work though.

Small but clear and great sound!

Recent off-road jeep tour tested the Cobra Lapel Speaker / Mic. Hooked up to a hand held Cobra 38 WX ST and my Firestik antenna, sound was loud and clear. Best 2-pin on the market!