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Cobra Handheld CB Telescopic Antenna - 27"


  • Compatible with handheld CB radios that offer double the range of the original "rubber ducky" antenna
  • Collapses down to 8" for easy portability
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This 27" telescopic whip will provide approximately double the range of the original "rubber ducky" antenna. Compatible with handheld CB radios, this antenna collapses down to 8" for easy and convenient storage and packing. If you use a handheld CB in the field, you'll definitely want to bring this along!

Model / SKU:Cobra HA-TA
Recommended for:Handheld CB radios. This telescopic antenna extends from 8" to 27" and will outperform your stock rubber handheld CB antenna.
Notable Features:8" - 27" Telescoping ability
Compatible with:
All major handheld CB radios.
Antenna Length(s):
Antenna Color(s):
Approximate Range:
Range(s) provided are for comparison purposes only and are subject to numerous installation and environmental variables. For more detailed information, please see our reference article on CB Antenna Range Approximation.

  • 27" Length: Less than 1 mile
Product Includes:27" telescopic antenna
Handheld CB radio sold separately
  • Extended whip dramatically increases handheld's effective range versus stock ducky antennas
  • Telescopes down to 8" for convenient transport and packing
  • For use with handheld CB radios


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Good spare antenna

Purchased as an auxiliary for my Midland 75-822. Has slightly fuzzier reception but markedly better transmission range.

Poor internal connection.Did not work

Poor internal connection.Did not work with President Randy handheld.Tried two different ones and returning both.Great customer service from Right Channel Radio..

Tiger I.
Doubles range of Cobra 50 WXST HT

Just returned from 5-day hunting trip. In heavy timber I compared the reception to my partner using supplied antenna and this optional antenna. Not much improvement in heavy timber. Then tested difference between antenna's when in more open terrain over distance of about 2 miles. Partner could hardly get signal from stock antenna but signal was strong using the optional 27" antenna. Highly recommend the 27" telescopic antenna for longer distance work.

Corn P.
It’s great for its purpose

It’s great for what it’s meant for. I got the telescoping antennae and live in the country. It doesn’t reach very far. Nor, was it supposed to. What it can do, is reach people around the ranch, or contact your off center veteran neighbor if SHTF and you need to borrow a little napalm. It’s ok on a busy highway for very close contact. Where I live I have to lean a certain way to get weather alerts. Me personally thing it’s a great ADDITION to use to a mobile or base, it will not replace either.

Ron F.
Better than a rubber ducky antenna

I bought this antenna at the same time I bought my Midline CB handheld radio that came with a rubber antenna. The telescoping antenna did work better than the rubber antenna but not good enough. I would only get a couple hundred yards range with the rubber ducky antenna and maybe an eighth to 1/4 mile at best with the 27 inch telescoping antenna. And that’s if I had a clear line of sight. I use this in my jeep going off road in the desert. With the antenna extended it was awkward and hard to use in the Jeep and I ended up getting the tip of it crushed by the power window. I’m going to get either a magnet mount or permanent mount antenna so that I can have better range. The antenna would probably work just fine at a construction site application