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CB/AM/FM Antenna Splitter


  • This splitter allows you to use your CB antenna to receive both AM & FM radio
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Procomm's Inverses Multiplexor allow you to use your CB antenna to receive AM & FM radio. This CB antenna "splitter" is ideal for drivers who only want one antenna on their vehicle.

Model / SKU:Procomm IM-AF
Product Details:
  • Use your CB antenna for CB and AM/FM radio reception
  • Reduce the number of antennas on your vehicle
  • Easy installation
  • One-year warranty
Compatible with:
All CB antennas

This CB splitter is the perfect accessory for people who want to use their standard CB antenna for CB and AM/FM radio. Although some devices claim that you can use your AM/FM antenna for CB, be forewarned that your CB performance will be, at best, very poor. The IM-AF does not allow you to use your AM/FM antenna for CB. Unlike the receive-only antenna needed by the AM/FM radio, a CB needs its antenna to be resonant within the CB band. Tuners that allow the AM/FM antenna to be used for CB bleed off power to keep the CB's output circuits from literally burning out. If you only want one antenna, then the only wise choice is to use a CB antenna and the Prococc IM-AF.

Installation is easy! Simply disconnect the antenna coax from the CB and screw it to the IM-AF. Then, screw the IM-AF's PL-259 lead to the CB and put the pin-plug into the AM/FM radio's antenna input socket. Both coaxial leads are 18" (46cm) long. The IM-AF has dual tuning coils and the tools and instructions needed to optimize the performance of both the CB and the AM/FM radio. The maximum input power rating of the IM-AF is 30 watts.



Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Splitter works great

Quality components and great reception.

Dale R.
High quality

Works perfectly and very fast shipping I'm very pleased and highly recommend

Much Better!

I purchased a Firestik splitter here years & years ago and just finally replaced it with this. Rhis one has much better cable connections, simple push and twist. The Firestik one had the typical spin connector caps but the problem was as it tightened it spun inside and would twist the cable inside till it bound up. Also the ring/nut on the side would turn which probably what was causing the binding. These cables however just push on and you turn a 1/4" and you're done! Way better design and the box is made stronger looks more like rig welded aluminum than pot metal junk for comparison. Works great, radio reception is better than before and the c.b. still works great too! K.B.

Travis A.

The splitter was easy to install and works well. Plus I enjoy only having one antenna.

Justin H.
good product

Works good.