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Basic CB Quick Disconnect


  • This disconnect allows you to easily remove your antenna from your vehicle without using any tools
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An affordable solution for lightweight fiberglass antennas, this quick disconnect allows you to easily remove your antenna from your vehicle. No tools required: Simply push down and rotate, and your antenna is free! Recommended for fiberglass antennas up to 3' tall.

Model / SKU:PTKD1-SX or 103VX
Recommended for:
Fiberglass antennas 3' and shorter. For antennas over 4' or center-loaded antennas, we recommend using a heavier quick disconnect.
Compatible with:Virtually all fiberglass CB antenna. The female top accepts all fiberglass antennas 3' and shorter with a 3/8" x 24 thread. The male bottom is a standard 3/8" x 24 thread and will screw into any CB antenna stud.
Installation Notes:Installation is easy -- no tools required! Simply screw the disconnect into any CB stud or mount, then screw the antenna into the top of the disconnect. Disconnect can be used with an antenna spring; they are simply stacked/screwed on top of one another.
Mount Location:Other
Stud Type:No Stud
Product Includes:Quick Disconnect Accessory


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Michael Lovato
Lite weight quick disconnect for 4’ antenna

My 4’ fire stick bent my quick disconnect in a hurry! I wasn’t sure what I had purchased. Now that I’ve seen the choices I know I bought the wrong one! I have a CB mounted on my motor grader and I hit bumps daily that will” whip” the antenna. I had to remove the quick disconnect for fear I would loose my antenna.

A trail tool to have for damage

Offroad in the North Woods it's nice for quick removal under trees. Allows you to carry a taller antenna whereby opting for a shorter antenna in the same conditions hurts performance. Garage parking? surely helps as well

Read description

Put this on a 4' antenna and it got bent after a few weeks. Now it won't hold on. Good design and good product but don't use it with any antenna over 3'

Bob S.
Be truefull I haven’t tryed

Be truefull I haven’t tryed it!But when I get into a Situation or I might need it you will be the first to know thank you

Bonnita B.
Quick Disconnect

Quick disconnect works great! Has a tight hold, and is great for drive throughs and and parking garage.