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ArmorFlex Dual-Shield Coax Cable with FME


  • A double-braided design maximizes shielding and performance, ideal for CBer's looking for the lowest SWR
  • FME end allows the radio-side PL259 to unscrew for easy installing
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The ArmorFlex coax cable features a double-braided design which maximizes shielding and performance. Ideal for CBer's looking for the lowest SWR, this cable minimizes RF bleed and helps eliminate RF interference between your CB system and your vehicle's electronics. Additionally, the ArmorFlex cable has a FME end which allows the radio-side PL-259 to unscrew, making installation and cable routing MUCH simpler. If you need a heavy-shielded coax cable, we recommend the ArmorFlex.

Model / SKU:AF18NIP + NIP 13
Coax Type:
RG-8X (Premium Single)
Connection Type:PL-259
Product Details:Screw-off FME connector
Hand-soldered PL-259 end
Dual-braided metal shielding
18' in length
Compatible with:All CB radios and mount studs that accept a PL-259 coax connection.


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Dan Roth
Clean & Strong

This product was just what I expected it to be. The armor coat will stand up to the Northeastern Winters and road salt and the attention to detail is spot on. The FME end is a bit fragile I feel like so pushing through a grommet was stressful but it did install just right. 18 ft I thoughts was going to be to long but after hiding the cable under carpet it made it all the way with just enough spare length. Fit perfect for my 2011 4Door wrangler.

Troy E.

The best coax for my cb easy to install

Jesse G.
Duel-Shield coaxcable

It worked well. Not seen before by the installer. Didn’t think it was shielded at all till we attached it.

Great, high quality wire!

I used this wire to help out with my high SWR issues and it made all the difference in the world! I went from an swr of 2.1-2.2 on 1 and 40 to an swr of 1.0-1.1 on 1 and 40 and a flat 1 on 19. Uniden 980ssb, 4’ Firestik, Firestik hd spring and quick disconnect mounted on a Ram 1500’s toolbox.

Ronnie P.
Quality product with good price.

Quality product with good price. Will recommend buying.