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3-Way CB Antenna Mirror Mount


  • A versatile mounting option to attach a CB antenna to any vertical surface, horizontal or vertical bar.
  • Recommended for antennas up to 5' tall
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The three-way CB mount is one of the most popular mounting options because it's so versatile. It is designed to attach to horizontal mirror arms or bars measuring .25" - 1" in diameter. You can use it to easily mount a CB antenna to a vertical or horizontal bar, or to any vertical surface. Recommended for antennas up to 5' tall.

Recommended for:

This is perfect for CB users who haven't yet decided where to mount their CB antennas. The three-way mount offers versatility, as you can mount it to vertical and horizontal bars, or to any flat surface. It's frequently attached to mirror arms, bumpers, roof racks or the sides of vehicles. For horizontal mirror arms or bars measuring .25" - 1" in diameter. 

Compatible with:All CB antennas that use a standard 3/8" x 24 threaded base. PL-259 stud requires CB coax with PL-259 ends.
Installation Notes:The mounting clamp can be positioned horizontally or vertically for various mirror arms and rails. It can also be removed, allowing you to use the angle bracket as a side "L" bracket on any flat vertical surface, such as the side of a motorhome or the back of a Jeep. The mount has a four-bolt pattern, and comes with mounting hardware and a PL-259 antenna stud.
Mount Location:Mirror / Bar, Vertical Surface / Side Mount, Other
Stud Type:PL-259 (Barrel)
Material:Aluminum mount and chrome plated brass stud
Product Includes:Mount and PL-259 stud
Antenna and coax sold separately

This will fit from ¼” bar to a 1” bar mount. It is 2” wide, and it can be mounted to vertical or horizontal bars.

Mount includes a single mirror groove, four-bolt assembly and a PL-259 compatible antenna stud. If you remove the four-bolt assembly, you can rotate the grooved side of the mount to fit the direction of the bar. To mount on a flat surface, simply remove the grooved side of the mount and bolt the flat side to the surface. The mount is compatible with all standard 3/8" antennas.

Customer Reviews

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Home Brew CB Dipole

A pretty simple mount that works perfectly. I used it for an “HOA-Friendly” antenna for my base station rather than my mobile. I mounted a 102” SS whip to to the mirror mount, clamped the mirror mount near the top of a stick of 3/4” PVC conduit, drilled a small hole in the PVC next to the mirror mount and ran a 102” length of 14g wire down the conduit as a counterpoise, capped both ends of the PVC and clamped the whole mess to the eve of my home. The bottom of the conduit is only about 3’ from the ground. Works like a champ, and the HOA can’t see it from the street! Right Channel Radio processed my order quickly, and had it on my front porch in no time, along with FREE shipping. I will do future purchasing from Right Channel Radio if they carry what I need.

Why change what’s worked for years

Tried and true. Great mount

Bruce B.
Perfect Fit

The mount was perfect for my Jeep.

Jack C.
CB mount

I used it for my 102” whip and I mounted it to my toolbox. Works great

Richard Barlich
Cb mount

As advertised solid