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12' Terminator Coax Cable with FME


  • 12' Terminator Coax Cable with 3/8" x 24" weather-resistant stud and FME nip-end UHF (PL-259) connector
  • FME end allows the radio-side PL259 to unscrew for easy installing
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Ideal for low-profile installations, the 18' Terminator coax has a weather-resistant ring end that attaches to the antenna mount at a 90 degree angle and includes a standard 3/8 x 24 antenna stud. This coax is perfect for attaching to a hood mount where there isn't much room between the mount and the vehicle body. Due to the design of this coax cable, it will only attach underneath the mount unlike the FireRing with can attach on either the top or bottom of the mount. This Terminator cable is 12' in length but a 18' version is available as well. 

Model / SKU:HS812TN-NIP
Coax Type:
Connection Type:Ring Connection with integrated stud and removable FME PL-259 connection
Product Details:
  • Screw-off FME connector
  • Includes Weather Resistant antenna stud
  • 12' in length
Compatible with:All CB radios that accept a PL-259 coax connection. All CB antennas that have a standard 3/8" x 24 thread. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Scott Hurd
Great quality

Right Channel thank you for the support in building our off-road communications

jay mullins

Great people

Edward H.
Excellent replacement coax

This cable was suggested by the RCR staff as a replacement for the FireStik FireRing 9’ coax with FME that was out of stock. The product worked out great! The cable routed easy with the removable big end. I put it through a rubber grommet on the firewall, and with a bit of soap on the cable, it slipped right on through. After calibration and tuning, my SWRs were sub-0.5. Thanks to the RCR staff for the suggestion and the good product!